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Historically, black seed has been used for headache, toothache, nasal congestion, and intestinal worms.It has also been used for “pink eye” (conjunctivitis), pockets of infection (abscesses), and parasites. Phytother.Res 2003;17(8):942-946. Black seed might also improve levels of cholesterol in people with diabetes. Hamdy, N. M. and Taha, R. A. J Ethnopharmacol. View abstract. 8-15-2007;67(16):7782-7788. Endocrine. Biomed.Sci Instrum. BY MOUTH: Did you or will you purchase this product in-store or online? McDermott, C., O'Donoghue, M. H., and Heffron, J. J. n-Hexane toxicity in Jurkat T-cells is mediated by reactive oxygen species. Complement Ther Clin Pract 2018;31:290-4. doi: 10.1016/j.ctcp.2018.03.013. J Ethnopharmacol. View abstract. View abstract. Aggarwal, B. Ren Fail. Ravindran, J., Nair, H. B., Sung, B., Prasad, S., Tekmal, R. R., and Aggarwal, B. Sahebkar A, Soranna D, Liu X, et al. J Ethnopharmacol. View abstract. B., Harikumar, K. B., Tharakan, S. 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New Chapter/Fermented Black Seed Booster Powder ($18.91/ounce) New Chapter also offers a Fermented Black Seed Booster Powder, specially designed for mental acuity and mood. Effect of nigella sativa and allium sativum coadministered with simvastatin in dyslipidemia patients: a prospective, randomized, double-blind trial. View abstract. Meral, I. and Kanter, M. Effects of Nigella sativa L. and Urtica dioica L. on selected mineral status and hematological values in CCl4-treated rats. Al Naqeep, G., Ismail, M., and Allaudin, Z. Research shows that taking black seed by mouth might reduce blood pressure by a small amount. A., Randhawa, M. A., and Shaikh, N. A. Planta Med 2001;67(1):29-32. Edris, A. E. Anti-cancer properties of Nigella spp. Urol.J 2007;4(2):86-90. J Ethnopharmacol 1991;31:283-9. Chaubey, M. K. Fumigant toxicity of essential oils from some common spices against pulse beetle, Callosobruchus chinensis (Coleoptera: Bruchidae). Planta Med 1995;61:33-6. Fararh, K. M., Ibrahim, A. 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Black seed oil is a highly concentrated oil that is derived from black cumin seeds, which also go by the name black caraway seeds and fennel flower, among others. Effects of Nigella sativa L. seed oil on abnormal semen quality in infertile men: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial. J Ethnopharmacol. A., Badary, O. Kacem, R. and Meraihi, Z. 2007;13(12):CR555-CR559. Toxicology 3-7-2000;143(3):219-226. View abstract.

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