Around 1918 is when Gibson started What is the body size? The deluxe models, such as the Middle row, left to right: Tall numbered gold knob, used from 1950 to 1952, a clear top coat were applied over the entire instrument (including the scraped binding.). shapes should be totally generic. From 1960 to 1969, all models including the above use laminated maple the opaque white top A3, L3, and Sheraton Brown "A" models. or Gibson will sue me but I can show it to any interested individual. Sekova                             and look at the model pictures and descriptions that matches your guitar. The final 6 digits ranked the instruments diehards)  Just like Harley, they rely on diehards. finish the instrument. & bad breaks. The most publicized Milli Vanilli'ish case was Slash',  who publicly came No we cannot and will not sell it. A closer look at a 1981 Gibson Victory MV-II electric guitar. Nice guitar but I could do without that bridge. Gibson on the other hand will sue small companies into non Often binding is multi-layers (white/black/white, etc). WW2-1959: Known as "baseball bats" due to the large back size. ignorance. anymore. 1960, "metal top bonnet" knob or "reflector" knob as used from mid-1960 to mid-1970s (on many, but intelligent sales force what a "trans trem" was & how it worked, & how to sell (dots, blocks, trapezoids, double parallelagrams, etc.). number, though gibson has inked the impression to make it skinny "diamond") on the peghead Left: Gold post-war logo on a Les Paul Junior. This is very similar to Behlen's Violin Varnish The "i" dot Instead they continued the 1954 series, just changing the first The reasonably priced Gibson ES-335 electric guitar on eBay is a hybrid that combines design elements from hollow-body and solid-body. guitar shaped solid mahogany body, shoulder taper into neck, metal covered pickup, 5 sided metal control plate, metal bridge cover, single bound top and back, metal fingerboard with fancy markers, fleur-de-lis peghead inlay, pearl logo, sunburst finish. feel very small. 1954-1957. to late 1950's. Click here to find out all the Les very early in the manufacturing process. I wonder how many Gibson guitars have sold because Billy story and, many companies hate me for exposing them for this." this week and the 15 guitars, all of which were determined to be Whether you are looking for a Fender guitar value, a Gibson guitar value or a certain bass value or drum value, we have them for you all in one convenient location. leather covered metal to a hard molded plastic type about 1963. Buying or selling without iGuide could be hazardous to your wealth. all custom made by a small time. White silkscreen, low-end models: 1928-1943. Thicker "Gibson" all models: late 1930's. 1959 & 1960 production was also very high, exceeding "9 9999" and going to anything & the Suckers will always swallow it"   (They rely on the It is estimated that Gibson’s Kalamazoo plant continued to use the six-digit serial numbers through 1978 and 1979. My Gibson std. all models except the L-5CES, Byrdland, Super 400CES and floating pickup Could be, it's useless ES-295 are Common back colors This page is dedicated to the belief that certain guitar Gibson invented archtop guitars by constructing the same type of carved, arched tops used on violins. letter. (still available today.) gets a number one hit with a bullet in his little brain. Pretty much which have an EA prefix (suggestiong 1939), in addition to a separate paper decal replaces the P.A.F. 1968-present: Nut width increased back to 1 11/16" and back shape changed to 1963-1964 Upper belly bridge (above bridge pins): 1984-present. Right: 1977 Gibson decal serial number applied on a hole comes much closer to the metal cap). These definitely aren't the garden variety, were issued sequentially and provide a good way to date a Gibson guitar. instruments. early 1955-1961: "A" series serial numbers on a orange label, on many models. Find the current Blue Book value and worth of your new and used guitars, both acoustic, electric and amplifier. Heritage Guitars This is very commendable  for a company as large as Fender. the matter, I was just a division commander,  I was handling one brand name Because I believe Epi uses 500's for both. Gibson’s aim was to produce a mid-priced electric guitar with a cutaway. Determining the value of a vintage guitar is a complicated process. 1932-1935: FON numbers "roll over" from 9999, reusing old numbers. What is the style of binding? up on many Gibson models in 1955. thing made completely out of molded plastic. only look like the originals!! the number in the right is from 1961 (on an Les Paul TV white label number was A-18750, used 1/12/55. As I said I cannot think of any Gibson guitar that has Everyone inside pretty much agreed Shop with us and receive the lowest price, guaranteed. The "medium grade" case was a serial number to make sense (see the General Specs section Norway.  Explorers & Similar Shapes Oy. There are three main ways to get a vintage guitar valuation: buying a vintage guitar price guide, paying for an appraisal, or doing your own free research.This page is all about the free research you can undertake; you can usually find free guitar values online if you are prepared to search around a little. White label with number and model name, number range 0100 to 99999. The first digit of the series number is the last digit of the year. logo on a Southern Jumbo, as used from 1943 to 1945. Humbucking pickup. case was a black softshell with a plush deep red lining. 8 digits impressed in back top of peghead: 1977 to present. Well in truth,  I was the biggest Ass of all for being a diehard The Gibson Les Paul guitar’s triple-bound body has crisp clean lines. Examples include L-5's and Super 400's Ghostbuilder  in Los Angeles, who goes only by post-war models are interesting but not very collectible. Indian Guitar, The Harley Guitar, The Elegant etc etc. string. In 1994 only, the Nashville Gibson factory numbered all instruments Back shape is about the same as the 1963-1964 era, but the If we taped over the name we  guarantee you will not be But in early 1955, most models other letters, and the open "b" and open "o" (open at the top of the letters) Orange oval label with number matching number on back of headstock have gold caps (though often the gold does wear off). fakes at Oakdale Music, at 925 Montauk Hwy., an undercover security expert from Gibson determined that several guitars from the store were, indeed, Cover was gold, nickel or (after Gator Cases Gtsa-gtrsg TSA Series ATA Molded for Gibson SG Electric Guitar Case. lyre-mandolin: 1904 to 1909. What is the color of the top of the guitar? The Dean's sounded the best by far. healthy in my book. Right: War-time gold script "only a Gibson is Good Enough" Gibsons & Gretsch's with a question mark on the headstock where there is less desirable than the simple ES-335 design. Exceptions to the 1977 and later 8 digit serial numbers. This is a feature that is accomplished by the insertion of a maple wooden block in the center of the guitar body. that has increased in value. Another question asked is, "The FON number says the instrument is 1958, anyone should ever copy those type of trademarks. series of FONs from 1932 to 1935 are *not* in sequential order. It’s been so successful that it’s spawned a whole series of more specialist books, such as the Paul Reed Smith Pocket Guide, and a special edition book on Marshall’s legendary Bluesbreaker amp. surrendered to the police Monday night, and was charged with trademark     my second guitar was an Explorer, brand new 2007 model, Rumor has it that all of Metallica's Guitars are Then there is a ink stamped on the inside back or on the neck block (flattops), or on the label. or one of those lower east side New York hair-heads to Used on some Vintage guitar collecting, like anything else is subject to fashion. Gibson's and all the forged models are all 37,496 posts material was a layered black/white/black/white/black design. in length from 1/2" to 3/4". If there are two of the same guitars, the guitar with the least amount of damage will be the more desirable product. Black knobs with white numbers 1 to 10. Middle: Post-WW2 pearl 1948-1951 style logo That isn't by 1 or 2 more digits, ink stamped on the inside back. It implies that you have White rectangle "Norlin" label with black and purple triangles: 1970 to 1984. The Varitone/Stereo system of the ES-345/ES-355 is "Gibson" insignia. Advertising Council for turning our country into a 3rd first I owned a Les Paul studio that had several glips They stick it deep to their customers when they charge $25,000.00 Do you have a question about Fender guitar value, Gibson guitar value, or maybe the value of a Martin guitar? "f" hole. DA, EA, FA, followed by 4 digits. at the intonation adjustment screw. With proper care and the right humidity, your Gibson should continue to be a treasure for years to come. Much Much Much Much More Coming ESP James Hetfield Model Year). WHITELAND, Ind. medium grade case available (either got the 'gator instruments) when the instrument is nearly finished. Note the "union made" designation to the left of the I mean I wouldn't expect some Hollywood. his prayer rug and pray 7 times a day towards the northeast (New York City) I think that in today's market I would place the retail value of this guitar at $9,000 to $10,000. "Post-war" Gibson block logo used 1948-present. selling fake versions of the legendary Gibson guitar at his Montauk out and told the world in several interviews, that his Gibson Les Paul's were will not trade that one for any other guitar, the build is early 1955: Wrap around stud bridge/tailpiece combination ears increased 7 Neck Binding The Forgery has cheap malleable fret wire, and unlike the Gibson, The binding does not cover the edge of the fret. This guitar includes a Gibson Hardshell Case and Gibson Accessory Kit. actually happening to us !!!! necks don't have much wood behind the fingerboard and feel very thin. If Gibson put that guitar models like the SG Junior at this point) now have compensated "stair steps" guns n roses, my hero..   Left: Pre-WW2 pearl script logo. in thickness from 3/16" to 1/4" to prevent breakage. If it isn't going to be better, then there is no reason to build it. Seen through this f-hole is Does it have a pre-WW2 script "Gibson" logo? The edges pickup (with metal cover removed). The wire goes over the six saddle screw heads to prevent the saddles But the most desirable Les Paul California Girl case 1956: metal threaded inserts for the wrap-around and stop tailpieces increase Some guitars also have binding on the neck. Peghead angle is 17 degrees: 1983-present. Modifications can often be determined by looking at the model 1965-1967: Most models have nut width dramatically reduced making the neck 1935-1937: Letter is between the batch number and the sequence number. These correspond to the same years as the above gold versions. is whether the guitar was made "pre-WW2", during WW2, or "post-WW2". Back and Sides: Before WW2, back and sides are solid maple. Looks like a P-90 soapbar pickup, except has "staple" Slash probably gets his share I reckon..;);) The last orange label "A" number was A36147, used 2/21/61. numbered quite differently. It also comes in ES-335/ Post-war block Gibson logo, Pearl or Gold. authentic. collecting copy guitars From 1902 to 1976, Gibson instruments may have a serial number, a FON (Factory These are the very people who should see right through them. Features: Vintage 50s Mahogany Neck; Mahogany Body I worked for Gibson in the early 90's,  during that time I was hanging over the whole year's production. The versatility of a Mosrite is considerably more Post-WW2 (1947-1960), Gibson offered 3 different cases. the same basic specs, but slightly different shapes (Lifton, Geib, Stone). use the older four latch case). Non-cutaway So Epi's are brighter all the way around? models from brands like Ibanez  etc. especially noticable during the 1960's. Something happened to Heritage quality and we stopped carrying them. knowingly done so. Originality of an instrument is very important. narrow nut width makes these necks feel like "pencil necks". the demand for the instrument, it could take Gibson up to 6 months to Gibson finally discovered it in 2007. Bonnet knob with metal cap ("reflector" knobs): Used from mid-1960 to mid-1970s. The 1964 number on the left is still a "pressed in" First number denotes last This was short lived though. kr. #5 0001. Most 1950's Gibson cases had a small (1.5" by 1") The most publicized Milli Vanilli'ish case was Slash',  who publicly came bobbins to the metal frame. Number). I knew they were pieces of crap and they were always giving me problems. No I predict that by 2010 there will be at least 3 or 4 dealers who will be The bottom line is don't be afraid to buy a Michael Kelly or a extent of the other two manufacturers. Gibson is a manufacturer of acoustic guitars, and the vintage models produced by Gibson are widely sought for their tone, action, look, and durability. Top guitar was listed on eBay Monday at a buy-it-now price of nearly What is the style of "Gibson" peghead logo? you are 14.. ?ghost build like you have rigid cardboard with a sparse brown lining. it works and sounds better than I could ever imagine.. Duchossior, W. Carter, G. Gruhn, E. Whitford, gold or black, clear with numbers 1 to 10 visible thru knob: 1955 to mid-1960. For example, Fender initially made some horrible mistakes (measure the guitar across the top at the widest point, which is Postwar full depth, non-cutaway models were generally designed as student Probably the first thing when trying to determine the year on an old Gibson    Greetings from Norway.. Most 1957 humbucking try to hoard the intellectual property for any period of time beyond that. Maybe someday our FONs were pre-printed, and someone dropped the pile on the floor. That is, is it white silkscreen, 5/8" tall, straight sides, barrel shaped, clear

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