I love all the colors. Thanks for the awesome review of the yarn. Thanks for the giveaway! And the yarn looks so soft even in the pictures. Wow..favorite color? I love that pattern and can feel the softness just by looking at it! Level 2 - Easy (Beginner+) Project Type. Row 1: In the second ch from the hook sc, sc into each ch across, turn. Crochet Flower Motif Blanket Pattern Number: L90209 . This yarn looks so soft. It is hard to pick just one colour, but I love both the Teal and the Dusty Blue. Teal, lilac or pink…I can’t decide! They seem to get new yarns months after they come out. I love teal! . I love blues -so Dusty Blue is my favorite – but they are all really lovely! Would love to win the giveaway! 4 Ply Crochet Patterns. The teal is calling my name! -Lion Brand Feels Like Butta Yarn (Pale Grey) 122 yards-Size G Hook (4.5mm)-Size H Hook (5.0mm) –Yarn needle –Scissors. The free version of this pattern comes with limited support. I love all the colors but the teal is my favorite! Lion Brand Yarn Feels Like Butta Yarn, Pale…. The mint one is calling my name! So pretty!!! My favorite color of the Butta Yarn is the Teal with Royal Blue in a close 2nd. For this blanket, I used 4 different colors of the Lion Brand Feels Like Butta Yarn – two skeins of each color are required. I’ve found some yarns lately that have polyester in them or are 100% polyester, and they’ve been VERY soft! Tough decision, but it’ll have to be Teal! Below are some crochet and knit patterns using Feels Like Butta Yarn – they’re free, enjoy! Love the teal! Love your patterns. Try 4-ply crochet shawl patterns, hats, baby clothes, toys and so much more.Browse our selection of 4 ply crochet patterns free and paid to download instantly. I’m in love! Will look for this at my favorite yarn shops. I love the Terra Cotta color. My favorite color is the pale pink in the cardigan. All of the colors are So pretty! Oh my favourite colour would have to be the dusty rose and second place is the deep teal. OMG beautiful yarn! I hope to get some soon. These yarns are fairly different than what you’d usually use but I am so happy with the result, and the end project is so soft! I love anything pink. My favorite colors are mint, ice and lilac!! I love all the colors! I love the dusty pink. Thanks for the opportunity. Good luck everyone, Cranberry. Can’t wait to try this yarn! My favorite color of Butta is all of them. I’m pregnant right now and would love to make something for my baby girl or maybe something for myself with it. Article from lionbrand.com. Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern .. … , I like them all but dusty pink is my fave for the spring:). I’d say the teal and grey. It’s just stunning???? Lapghan/Baby Blankie: 34 ½” x 30” Really, they’re all wonderful!! I love Teal and Yellow ??? Fingers crossed so tight!! Thank you! Check out the free pattern below to get started. It uses a simple stitch repeat consisting of only single crochets. The colors of Feels Like Butta are so wonderful for babies, too. I seriously can’t decide on a color, maybe pale pink? Love a soft yarn! ... Knitting And Crochet. I love all the colors of the yarn but my top three favorites are pale pink, teal and yellow. The yarn looks beautiful would really love to win. Wow…..can’t wait to try this Yarn! Lol! I did Instagram just to see your site. My favorite color would be the orange. This is great! The photos of this show a chained yarn, not a cabled yarn. Oh my. It makes me so ready for spring and warmer weather. Oh my gosh! I love them all, but mint, lemon, ice, and dusty pink stand out to me. My favorite color of the butta yarn is pink! #HappyYarnMail I love the lilac, dusty pink and light pink. I can’t wait to get my hands on this! Thank you for giving me the chance to win this Feels Like Butta yarn! It looks so pure and the softness of these skeins is surreal! I’ve enjoyed crocheting scarves, a couple of sweaters, and especially “landscape afghans” of my original designs (see some examples on http://www.facebook.com/LualOKrautter), so am always looking for new yarn. Aaaaahhh, this yarn sounds lovely!! I’ve been obsessed with teal and turquoise lately so I the teal caught my eye. My brother was cuddling into the finished blanket on my parents couch after I gave it to them. Row 1: In the second ch from the hook sc, sc into each ch across, turn. I would choose the Charcoal in Feels Like Butta. Oh and the dark blue for the night sky. I love the blues! The dusty blue has an amazing color. I been following you on instagram and i have wip bkanket in saw in your instagram post. I wanna touch a skein so badly! Feels Like Butta. its such a fun colour! With a husband who is going to be 50 this week, i will give myself a try on yarn..i think it is okay for him hihihi. I love the real and pink colors! This looks like an awesome yarn to use. The American Academy of Pediatrics warns not to put anything soft in a babies crib, so like any other blanket, a crochet baby blanket needs to be used with parental supervision. Love aaall these colors but especially the pastels since they’re perfect for spring! It looks so amazing! Lovely colors! Thank you for doing this giveaway. I need to try this yarn! Wow! Would love to work with more Lion brand yarn as I have only tried Vanna’s Choice so far. Learn more about our policies and disclosures. Scissors. But, I noticed when I got home, that my roll doesn’t have the dark charcoal and ice blue that your blanket has, which really adds some lovely contrast. I love the orange yarn! Thank you for this AWESOME giveaway! I just received my Le Nuage Wrap kit today from Lion Brand Yarn. Don’t make me choose!! There are lots of beautiful colors, I do tend to go for the gray and teals though. And I have just the project for it. ???????????? Dimensions Detail. Polyester. This rolling ripple pattern is designed to meet the donation requirements of the Amelia Project. This Bonaire Baby Blankie comes in 4 pastel shades in Lion Brand Feels Like Butta. LION BRAND® FEELS LIKE BUTTA® #108 Dusty Blue 2 balls (A) #178 Teal 2 balls (B) #100 White 2 balls (C) #101 Pink 2 balls (D) #140 Dusty Pink 2 balls (E) LION BRAND® crochet hook size H-8; LION BRAND® large-eyed blunt needle ; SIZE: About 32"x 36" GAUGE: 4 V-sts = about 3". Gauge: 6 rows of 4 clusters=4″ x 4″ (CHECK YOUR GAUGE. I love the soft texture of … Thanks for the great pattern, Krista! ... Knitting and Crochet. Loving them all ???????? Thanks, Susan! Thanks for four blog I really liked it. ???? It’s so pretty!! I love the colour choices too. Need something light and happy. Oh, my, that yellow is gooooorgeous! Blanket, Hoodie. Right now, I’m liking the yellow because it’s so cheery. Lual. I adore that dusty blue color! ❤️❤️❤️. I love the dusty rose that came in my happy yarn mail. I love the Pink and Ice colors! The end result is a super soft, luxurious baby blanket. Love it all ! Or you can check out my latest income report to see how this blog earned over $10,000 last month! I love blues especially storm blues. This yarn looks beautiful! View Supply List View Instructions Be sure to watch the stitch tutorial video at the end of the pattern! I need this yarn in Ice so I can make the Le Nuage wrap ???? Then I went with Lion Brand’s Touch of Alpaca in oxford grey for the face and accents. Love the blue. Find free easy crochet patterns for beginners - 1000s of fun and quick projects to teach you how to crochet. Love love this pattern. Overview. ;O). My favorites are Ice or Teal, or goodness Dusty Pink! Read on down to get the free and easy crochet lap blanket pattern with details, pictures and more. I am looking to make a prayer shawl in Royal Blue, white and a little gold… but maybe use that yellow instead of the gold… ???? Bestseller. My favourite colour of Butta is dusty pink! I’ll help you get started to turn your hobby into a money-making career with my free “Start a Blog” guide. Not. But if I had to pick, I think I’d go with the grays and the charcoal shade for fall and winter, and the ivorys and pastels for spring and summer. My favorite color is red! And I definitely see a sweater made of this in my future. I like the blue, white and yellow palette you put together in one of the pics above. Teal is my favorite, But they are all so beautiful!! $5.99. Definitely intrigued and wanting to get my hands and hook into this! Now I need to make two so I can have on of each! Maybe I can make one for myself before the end of this upcoming summer! , I love the butta, baby blue baby pink and white just gorgeous. Just like the name, this yarn feels like butter, a velvety feel of chenille without the chenille challenges. Aftet working up your happyyarnmail project I came up with the perfect cardigan pattern for this yarn. I will work on a small blanket and will update if any change of opinion. Free ... Random Granny Crochet Afghan in Bernat Blanket Breezy - Downloadable PDF Downloadable PDF. With 18 crave-able colors, we can't wait to cast on. I bought one roll of Mandala Tweed Dragonfly locally, and I’ll have to buy the others online or when they are in stock. I think my cake may have more powdered blue color in it than others. Those teals and blues got me like ???????????? I think the pale pink is gorgeous – and I’m usually not a pink person! my favorite color is all of them. Love the vibrant yellow and Royal blue. I like teal grey and white yellow I like it all lol. Thank you for this giveaway! Love the colors, would love to feel the softness. Your email address will not be published. I’ve been trying to find a local place that carries this yarn ever since I heard about it. IM in yarn heaven! They all look fabulous though and I can’t wait to try them all! I am so glad you like it! ... Lola Llama in Lion Brand Feels Like Butta, Go For Faux & Just My Stripe - Downloadable PDF Downloadable PDF. Sizes/Dimensions (approximate): Two size options available . It is extremely cozy feeling and glides easily on and off a crochet hook. So I made a 3 row border (sort of an open cut out look with a pivot edge) with the white all around and I love how it turned out! Sounds delightful. Love all the colors!! Yo one more time and pull the yarn through all … OUr postal service is the same as in the US continental, USPS. Wow! I also love the teal and dusty pink colors as well. What a brilliant giveaway. I think I may order some just to feel it. Yet. The video was very helpful. Blue has always been a favorite color for me and I think Lion Brand really hit it out of the park with the royal blue Butta. I love the Dusty Pink of Feels like Butta, I tend to always love any teal and this is no exception. My favorite Butta color is the deep teal. Just finished making this in the throw size, and I love it. I can’t wait to check this yarn out in person…, I love the white and the other neutrals, so pretty. However, if you would like to check your gauge, the best place to check is after Round 7. Materials. And that yellow looks to die for!! My favorite has to be the classic black! Have a great day! I follow you on Instagram but sadly, just now looking into your blog. Recently viewed. Really want to try this yarn – the yellow is calling me. Scissors; tapestry needle; 4.5 mm crochet hook; 2– 3.5 oz Lion Brand Yarn Feels Like Butta Yarn, Dusty Blue 1- 3.5 oz Lion Brand Yarn Feels Like Butta Yarn, Ice 1- 3.5 oz Lion Brand Yarn Feels Like Butta Yarn, Pale Gray 1- 3.5 oz Lion Brand Yarn Feels Like Butta Yarn, Charcoal Couldn’t keep my hands off it. This yarn sounds amazing! Gauge: Gauge is not terribly important in this project, since it is not a wearable. Easy, 5.5 mm (I-9), Blue, Double Crochet, Feels Like Butta, Half Double Crochet, Lion Brand, Mandala, Single Crochet, Weight 4 - Medium. Hi Krista! I would love to try this new yarn! I love the spring colors but a good charcoal is always a favorite! My favorite color is the one that came in our March Yarn Mail! Apr 4, 2018 - Feels Like Butta is our new favorite feel of fiber, and we hope you'll fall in love, too! lovely giveaway! I was so surprised to learn that Butta is 100% polyester and has the smoothest, softest hand I’ve felt. I think my favorite color overall would be the Royal Blue. But love the neutrals as well. $7.08 $7.67. Would love to win this yarn! I want to try this yarn so badly! ❤ I love the light grey, the mint, the ice, the lilac, and the charcoal grey!! My favorite color is definitely the teal! I can’t wait to make it and try out this yarn! So many colour choices! No. A Crochet Happy Place! Hi Krista, A note for those looking to make this as a throw: I used 5 skeins of the Mandala and less than 1 skein of the butter yarn. Sounds amazing! I can’t pick just one. Our Softest Yarn Yet - Feels Like Butta! (It might just be the softest yarn you’ve ever tried!) Lion Brand® Feels Like Butta Bonus Bundle® Crochet Flower Motif Blanket Pattern Number: L90209 For thousands of free patterns, visit our website www.LionBrand.com To order visit our website www.lionbrand.com or call: (800) 258 … I made it a little longer and decided I wanted it a little wider as well. Dusty blue looks pretty cute! All the colors look beautiful! I really want to meet some of it in person to see the colors and feel the softness everyone’s claiming. I love the teal. My favorite color is the pale grey ❤️???? I love all the colors but I really love the cranberry. All the colors are so lovely. Copyright ©2020, Sewrella. The entire blanket is made using a Half-Shell Crochet stitch. Page created: April 28, 2020 Last updated: April 28, 2020 …; visits in the last 24 hours; visitors right now I am so glad you liked it! For this blanket, I used 4 different colors of the Lion Brand Feels Like Butta Yarn – two skeins of each color are required. ???? My favorite color of butta is teal! I can’t wait to work with Butta! Neutrals like Charcoal and pure White are offset with stunning deep Teal and Dusty Rose. A lot of polyester chenille-style yarns shred and lose their fuzziness as you work with it and it’s kept me away from yarns like this in the past, but Feels Like Butta does none of that! The Simple Lap Blanket Pattern. I love the Mint!! The one question I have is, wouldn’t the last row be a row of single crochet? It only has 2 stitches, double crochet and single crochet, which is used to make the box stitch. I usually love my neutrals but that teal has just stolen my heart!!! Definitely loving the dusty blue and bright yellow combo. The cranberry color is my favorite. I am wanting to try the gray, as I am looking for something to make for a teenage boy. About the shop. Traveling Afghan Square – Crochet Eyelet Granny Square. Thanks, Jonnie! Love your posts and blog. I think my favorite color will be Pale gray and will like to make a cardigan…. Ohh the ideas! Hello! Ohhhh this yarn sounds heavenly! Sizes/Dimensions (approximate): Two size options available . Incredible! I’m excited to try this new line! LOve all your patterns and work! What beautiful yarn this is. Dusty Blue & Teal are beautiful! I’m a spinner and I know the difference. Love the colors, especially the Pale Gray. This crocheted lap blanket uses a combination of Lion Brand Mandala Tweed Stripes in the color Dragonfly & Lion Brand Feels Like Butta in White. So soft. 4 skeins Feels Like Butta® Bonus Bundle® yarn in Ice; Size 13/9mm crochet hook; Gauge: 8 sts = 4″ in hdc tbl pattern; Finished Size: 40″ x 42″ I could have used 3 skeins of the Feels Like Butta® Bonus Bundle®, but since I’m holding the yarn doubled it was easier to have 4 skeins. I love it! DC – double crochet. I can’t wait to get home and start crocheting with it. Can’t wait to try some!! I can’t wait. I want to try this yarn so bad! I love the dusty blue! Was Dragonfly and White the only color ways you used? Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern .. My favorite Fells Like Butta color is white! I honestly love all the colors and with the sale they have going on, I can’t believe how affordable it is. I’ve made a couple of baby sweaters, hats and mittens with it and it is a wonderful yarn for babies. ???? (11.5 cm) measured from peak to peak; 6 … All the colors are beautiful, thought. Just gorgeous! I am working in mainly pinks and lavender lately, as we are about to welcome our first granddaughter!! This yarn looks great, can’t wait to try it! Maybe… Pink? The colors look so soft, warm and inviting to make you want to touch them. DIRECTIONS: STITCH EXPLANATION: I did notice that some cakes varied in color quite a bit when I bought mine. I’m crocheting your Everyday Cardigan now. ???? So soft looking! I love the dark teal! I really over the Charcoal Grey and Dusty Blue. This yarn feels sort of like chenille and sort of like suede. They are all awesome! I think those would make gorgeous blankets!! I was just looking for a new cardigan pattern and your Everyday Cardigan with this yarn looks amazing! And it would pair well with many of the other colours, for lots of amazing combinations! I guess it really depends on what pattern I would use to make something with it. Explore these 5 FREE crochet patterns that all feature Lion Brand Feels Like Butta Yarn. May 12, 2018 - Explore these 5 FREE crochet patterns that all feature Lion Brand Feels Like Butta Yarn. I first squeezed these skeins during my trip to New York City for the #LBYBloggerBash and couldn’t believe the softness. I want to make a cardigan with the charcoal color! I love ❤️ ??? This would be awesome to win to make my baby something!!! This is modified from a pattern I found years ago on the web. blanket for her babies! Free. So what type of fiber is so soft? Can’t find it at my local stores yet though. But if I had to choose it would be light blue. I could make so many different things with all of. Feels Like Butta Bonus Bundle - 123. Favorite color of Butta? Thanks for the giveaway. I got Dusty Blue in my Happy Yarn Mail box, which I love! This New Yarn Feels Like Butta From Lion Brand is Soft! So far I’ve worked this pattern using Wool-Ease® Thick & Quick®, Totally Tubular, Feels Like Butta with Mandala Roving, Feels Like Butta with Winter Nights (on… Cora Chevron Blanket (Crochet) SKU: L90211. I’ve never had the pleasure of being able to use the yarn, everytime i visit a store, they’re out. I love the Mint color of it feels like butta. I have had my eye on this yarn since your first post about it. Free. Just like the name, this yarn feels like butter, a velvety feel of chenille without the chenille challenges. fast download. Your skill and creativity amazes me as a creator! Lapghan/Baby Blankie: 34 ½” x 30” This looks like fun to work with! The ad-supported version of this pattern is, Half Double Crochet Infinity Scarf Pattern, Emily Diagonal Beanie Crochet Hat Pattern, Learn more about our policies and disclosures, Less than 100 yards of Feels Like Butta in White or any, Learn how to change colors in crochet with this, Make a different size by working a starting chain in a multiple of 2 + 2. EasyCrochet.com makes money through affiliate partner links: If you click on a link, we may earn a commission. Download Free Pattern Share. Keep posting good projects???? I don’t have the source to credit the original pattern. I need to make that Everyday Tunic in Ice!!!!! The first row is single so I’d assume the last row would be the same. I’m really torn between Ice and Dusty Pink! Giveaway will close at 11:59 PM EST on March 11, 2018. This super soft blanket has simple repeat. Content: 100% Polyester. Very pretty. I like all of the colors, especially maroon. This yarn looks perfect for baby items. Love the look of it.van’t wait to try it out on so many patterns this spring. Thank you for the chance to win. Pale grey, mint, sky. (73.5 x 73.5 cm) Pattern Corrections. I love them all but I’m pretty partial to Ice, Pale Grey, and Teal. It would be great for a scarf. I love all of them though. (97) Row 2: Ch 2, in the first st (also known as the last sc from the row before) make a *sc, hdc and dc, sk two st(s), repeat from * across until there are three st(s) left. How can you even have a favorite color they are all great. Followed closely by Dusty Pink, Dusty Blue, Teal, and Charcoal! I love the way they feel and the Lion Brand Yarn Feels Like Butta is amazing for baby makes! Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern .. Looks like it feels heavenly! Feels Like Butta yarn isn’t spun in the normal 2 or 4 ply twist that we see with most commercially made yarns, its structure is more like a cord structure. ???????????? This yarn sounds so lush, I can’t wait to try it, thank you for the opportunity! I want to play with this stuff so bad. Blanket Size: 26″ x … (97), Row 2: Ch 2, in the first st (also known as the last sc from the row before) make a *sc, hdc and dc, sk two st(s), repeat from * across until there are three st(s) left. I am excited to share with you this beginner crochet Baby Blanket. Pattern Gauge. Sounds like a fabulous new yarn. Can’t wait to try out this yarn, it looks amazing. I love that aqua and the purple. Would love to make a laikini cardigan with this yarn ???? I think the Charcoal or the brown would Be my color of choice!! I’ve got a really fun free pattern roundup and giveaway (stay tuned til the end!) I saw pictures of some of the other colors in an ombre with the Teal at the end. I like the Likac and Dusky Blue colors! Materials. thank you for the opportunity… i would love to try this yarn.. Thank you for the chance!! It’s classic ripple stitch goodness that works with just about all yarns no matter what the weight or texture. I am so excited to share with you my latest pattern - the Classic Twisted Crochet Earwarmer. Yay – can never have enough yarn. Tapestry Needle. Sooo cute i would totally use this for knit pjs, Fav color is probably charcoal or dusty rose, I love that light pink color! In my opinion, the newest yarn from Lion Brand, Feels like Butta is the ideal yarn for a baby crochet blanket! Lion Brand's Feel Like Butta was created with babies in mind and with a pastel, fashionable palette creates beautifully soft garments and accessories. Thanks for the chance to win some. Could you substitute it for a similar weight yarn for a hat pattern? How do I choose one color! Wow! If you’d prefer the ready to print PDF pattern that is available for the price of a fancy coffee if not keep on scrolling down to find the blanket pattern. Love your Everyday Cardigan! Soft yarn is so fabulous to work with, looking forward to trying this out.

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