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To the Stars and Beyond – Cures for All

To the Stars and Beyond – Cures for All that Ails Humanity by Janet Kira Lessin

This Zeitgeist is a delusion/illusion, a group creation and somehow the “Illuminati” or whatever’s behind all this (probably God or Us at the highest level) is co-creating this, individually and collectively.  We have too much focus now on dark shit, the dark fleet, secret government, conspiracy, deep state, QAnon bullshit and they’ve taken all the […]

Peace Prevails in Space & on Earth

I grew up in the 60s. My parents were Republicans but they really didn’t support the war. They scrambled to finance my brother’s education so he could go to college. Then he joined the army to avoid Vietnam. I was proud of them. They didn’t sent my brother off to die in a senseless war. […]