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Eradicate Trumpism Around the World

Eradicate Trumpism Around the World

Trumpism Is Here to Stay, No Matter Who’s in the White HouseAnd if he’s defeated this time, Trump could even run again in 2024. Read in Bloomberg Businessweek: As the ballot-counting drags on, President Trump’s fate is still unsettled. The fate of Trumpism, on the other hand, is clear: It isn’t going away. And Trump himself […]

Trumpism is Terrorism by Janet Kira Less...

I am shocked at how many support Trump. Trump stands for racism, sexism, misogyny, xenophobia, divide and conquer, anti-environment, elimination of separation of church and state (anti-abortion, removal of Roe v Wade is a religious issue), white supremacy, MAGA (means go back to when black’s, minorities’ and women’s rights were not protected), elimination of the […]

Dignity for all Citizens of Planet Earth

Citizens of planet Earth can now clearly see that we must vote every day with our hearts, souls, bodies, and minds against cruelty, injustice, unkindness. In order to survive as a species and a planet, we must develop empathy, compassion, and learn to walk in each others’ shoes, feel what it must be like to […]