Trump is a dictator, the Anti-Christ who fooled so many people and now they are not sure what to do. We need to protect ourselves from these greedy, evil crazies, like Trump, who are so full of themselves, they will not stop till they rule the world.

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bobmatzke3 days ago (edited)Why are these “Christians” not saying these things publicly? Is that what Jesus taught? He faced death for speaking out. These evangelicals are afraid of the Orange Devil crucifying them. Shameful.1.2KREPLYView 223 replies

Joakim Kanon

Joakim Kanon1 day agoBREAKING NEWS: Christians surprised deal with the devil didn’t pan out.23REPLYView reply

KingandQueen 2019

KingandQueen 20192 days agoTrump is no Freaking Christians. These Evangelicals need to stop!40REPLYView 7 replies

Richard Thiele

Richard Thiele2 days agoThis is the history of Christianity. They claim to be followers of Christ’s teaching and example (love and forgiveness); then they mass together and go to war to gain political power. They will use the devil himself (Trump) to get what they want and if they get total power they’ll eventually start burning nonbelievers and heretics.132REPLYView 21 replies

deana nightingale

deana nightingale2 days agoA “Deal” with the devil. A lot like his personal minions.82REPLYView reply

Gwendolyn Garner

Gwendolyn Garner3 days agoIt’s seems like they would sell their soul for the company store. Loosing their soul for profit443REPLYView 20 replies

jeff co

jeff co1 day agowhite evangelical pastors can be had for a price.39REPLY

Charlotte Dog

Charlotte Dog7 hours agoAny ‘Christian’ that supports trump’s hate agenda does not know Jesus18REPLYView 2 replies

Chuck Washington

Chuck Washington2 days agoIf they had moral courage, the evangelicals would have stood up already.108REPLYView 7 replies


wudangmtn1 day ago“Keep them afraid and angry”: they are using the same playbook as Fox News. That is, most likely, where they get their news from.25REPLYView reply

Alt O.R.

Alt O.R.3 days agoThe truth is, their is a snake behind Trump’s skin. Some “evangelicals” made a deal with the devil.698REPLYView 88 replies

Michael Baldwin

Michael Baldwin1 day agoNever trusted organized religion.I know the difference between right and wrong.24REPLY

Adam Blare

Adam Blare1 day agoAnytime I hear Christians use the term “non-profit” I laugh…48REPLYView reply

Iain johnson

Iain johnson2 days agoAs prophesied. They don’t recognise the anti-Christ27REPLYView 2 replies


willow8810001 day agoDonald Trump couldn’t be “the Devil,” he’s too dumb for that.7REPLYView reply

Marion Opisso

Marion Opisso3 days agoThe evangelicals gave up the moral and ethical spiritual teachings of Christ in exchange for political power.481REPLYView 24 replies


muuuuuud1 day ago“We need more fear and more anger” No one that says that seriously should be put in a position of power.9REPLY

Sandra .George

Sandra .George2 days agoWhen the roll is called up yonder, they will have a lot of splaining to do.184REPLYView 10 replies


Vortex2 days agoSo at least this guy has actually read the Ten Commandments since Trump took office110REPLYView 9 replies

Stephen Young

Stephen Young1 day agoEvangelical Christians sold out to the devil.90REPLYView 3 replies

Ade Aye

Ade Aye3 days agoWait, so evangelicals won’t speak out like their savior Jesus Christ, and they fear the Orange man more then God?… wow, what a surprise.442REPLYView 25 replies

Bill Cashion

Bill Cashion1 day ago“Moral collapse”, absolutely nailed it. Can’t wait for them to reap what they sowed.38REPLY

Sam Z

Sam Z1 day agoEvangelicals made a deal with the devil. No good will come of this. Shame on them. As time goes by you will see them diminish.9REPLY

Paula Bartholomew

Paula Bartholomew1 day agoThey have been warning us about the anti christ and what happens when he shows up? They vote for him.19REPLYView 3 replies

Dago Tom2 days agoI never in my life would have thought the evangelicals would be standing side by side with the alt-right and the KKK !!!39REPLYView 2 replies

Mo Belanger3 days agoI DON’T think Jesus_Christ ever called for: ”more fear, and more anger”431REPLYView 65 replies

Randy Krus1 day agoChristian hate is a special kind of hate. Tax religion.76REPLYView 2 replies

BLACKIESBOY2 days agoMan remember when the Evangelicals said Obama was the Anti-Christ and now we have this guy who couldn’t be more Anti-Christ if he tried but they’re praising him?91REPLYView 7 replies

Ed Rowland1 day ago (edited)Dictators, like Trump, always keep followers in line through FEAR. The dictator Donald Trump uses fear to force people not to speak out or take action against him. Trump is using fascist tactics to demoralize, destroy and bully anyone who tells the truth about him. Trump is not only destroying America Trump is destroying religion, Christianity and the church in America. Trump will not stop until he has destroyed freedom, democracy, religion, the constitution and America.88REPLY

Maria Rivera2 days agoSad but they basically have ripped GOD from their hearts and souls and replaced them with trump.11REPLY

Jay Kyle3 days agoEvangelicals have lost far more than they ever thought they stood to gain. There is TREMENDOUS Blood on their hands261REPLYView 13 replies

Blue1 day agoThese evangelicals fail to ask themselves, what would Jesus do.2REPLY

CLureCo2 days agoAnd ppl called me crazy for saying before, AND now, that the biggest threat to the Church is from within.23REPLY

G Abron2 days agoIn order to be Christians you must be Christ-Like. Let a man examine himself.3REPLY

Valerie smith2 days agoThey made a deal with the devil, and we all know how that ends.11REPLY

Wigit3 days agoEvangelicals are the ‘many who will be deceived’ in the book of Revelations. We all know what their fate is.162REPLYView 14 replies

Doug Wilson1 day agoI never thought I would give credit to an Evangelical “but”, this gentleman just earned my respect.Read more65REPLYView 7 replies