115,800 views•May 6, 20207.2K558SHARESAVE CNN 9.54M CNN’s Chris Cuomo and brother Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) discuss federal funding and timetables of reopening states during the coronavirus pandemic. Chris also asks his brother about his recent appearance on “The Ellen Degeneres Show.”

I add articles and videos that reflect my taste, preferences and policies. I vote beyond political politics based on policies. I am a humanitarian. At this time Democratic policies seem more humanitarian. But some Democrats and centrists are more Republican in nature and ideology. Republicans seem to be more supportive of the rich and powerful. I realize it’s all more complicated than that, not just black and white, good and evil. So I am discerning, not just voting along party lines. I invite you to do the same.

We live in very interesting times and we must, individually and collectively work together to recreate humanity, reorder to the next, highest level of consciousness. We need to honor and meet the needs of all people. We need to respect everyone regardless of race, sex, gender, country.

Covid is a great teacher. Covid shows us we are one human family. We need to put those who respect life, this planet and all consciousness (human, plant, animal, planet, etc) and will vote for and put in place policies that preserve life above money and politics.

Together we can force the people in power to honor our people, plants, animals, creatures, features and this entire Earth. We are indeed one great human family. We are indeed ONE all the way home to Source and Universal Consciousness.

Please join me in loving all of us, envisioning a higher level of love and consciousness and co-creating a world that honors and respects each and every one of us, individually and collectively.