This Zeitgeist is a delusion/illusion, a group creation and somehow the “Illuminati” or whatever’s behind all this (probably God or Us at the highest level) is co-creating this, individually and collectively.  We have too much focus now on dark shit, the dark fleet, secret government, conspiracy, deep state, QAnon bullshit and they’ve taken all the joy out of life (like the vampiric bloodsuckers they are).  They’re laughing all the way to the bank with a giant “gotcha”.  Our best, greatest revenge is love. 

We need to focus on planetary solutions.  This plague is our generations perturbation designed to wake us up and propel us out of the dark into the light.  We can now focus around things like the EM drive (which will eliminate fossil fuels), teleportation (take back our lives. No more 6 hours in a plane), Universal Health and WELLNESS care. Stop monetizing those things which belong to all and no more billionaires. Yeah, some rich people. But billionaire corporations and individuals is too much for humanity to tolerate and still meet the needs of everyone born (which is our birthright).

Our needs need to be met. No more making people just to starve and torture them.  Colonize the planets.  Educate everyone to their highest potential so we reap the rewards of a far more intelligent population (which will create a level 1 or higher civilization).  Focus on cures for all diseases including the disease of aging. They have this and more in our secret space programs. We need to DEMAND the release of these technologies into our society so we can at last really reach the stars and meet and greet other civilizations.

These things will advance humanity in one year, not generations.  I’ve been to the stars. I am a contactee/experiencer and this is the message ET wants me to deliver to humanity.