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To the Stars and Beyond – Cures for All

To the Stars and Beyond – Cures for All that Ails Humanity by Janet Kira Lessin

This Zeitgeist is a delusion/illusion, a group creation and somehow the “Illuminati” or whatever’s behind all this (probably God or Us at the highest level) is co-creating this, individually and collectively.  We have too much focus now on dark shit, the dark fleet, secret government, conspiracy, deep state, QAnon bullshit and they’ve taken all the […]


I WAS ABDUCTED BY ALIENS MANY TIMES SINCE I WAS 4, HERE’S MY STORY … 2018 1 year ago JANET KIRA LESSIN shares with Ben, her personal story of what happened to her after being abducted by extraterrestrials since she was a child and what her understanding of what this means to her today. DR. […]

Noam Chomsky on Trump’s Disastrous Coron

How did the United States — the richest country in the world — become the worldwide epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, with one person dying of COVID-19 every 47 seconds? We spend the hour with Noam Chomsky, the world-renowned political dissident, linguist and author, discussing this unprecedented moment in history, and its political implications, as […]

The Struggle Continues

The Struggle Continues

Bernie SandersBernie Sanders401K subscribersSUBSCRIBEDWhile this campaign is coming to an end, our movement is not. Please stay in this fight with me. Category News & PoliticsSHOW LESS 2,064 Comments SORT BYAdd a public comment… GDeNofa9 hours ago (edited)I will vote for Bernie for the PA ballets this summer. Such genuine words. The struggle continues.576REPLYView 14 […]

America last: Rep. Porter has receipts s...

Rep. Katie Porter has been all business since being elected to office. Today, Rep. Porter released a report showing that in spite of growing concerns and warnings about the potential oncoming pandemic threat of the COVID-19 virus from top officials and experts, Donald Trump not only did nothing about it, he allowed ramped up exportation of much-needed medical supplies. The report, […]

Naomi Klein: Sanders “Broke the Spell” o

Democracy Now! 682K subscribers We talk to journalist and activist Naomi Klein about Bernie Sanders’s historic presidential campaign as he suspends his bid for the 2020 Democratic nomination, and about coronavirus capitalism — President Trump’s response to the pandemic. Sanders “opened up the window of what was possible politically in this country,” says Klein, a […]