Aloha Kamala,

Thanks for letting me know personally that you have stopped running for president. Maybe you’d like a little bit of feedback. I was unsure of your policies and platform from what you were saying at the debates. I watched all of them and plan on watching the rest up to the finish line. I did not get a chance to check out your platform and what you stood for. Please keep the website up and we’ll look at this again in 2024.

Next time instead of attacking others (focus on the negative), please focus on what you can do for us if you are President. Really think about it and flesh out your policies. How will everyone get medical? How can we get people off the streets, feed the homeless, take better care of our children and seniors? How can we educate all the people so they can keep America at the top? We are rapidly turning into a third world country here and that’s not good. I’ve been alive for almost 66 years and not taking care of our people is a sin.

How can we fill up our empty cities, repopulate them, fix and remodel and repair (use what we have), open local stores, revive our beautiful little towns? How can we return to organic, family-run farms that used to dot the landscape and made us proud when we drove down the highways. We need to think local and support family-owned businesses, not allow these monopolies that support GMOs.

What about our horrendously corrupt and evil medical system that promotes drugs with all those side effects? How about we develop CURES for diseases and integrate health and wellness, alternatives and real remedies rather than the American Medical Association which promotes diseases and operations to fatten their pockets.

Cap wealth, all wealth. Wealth belongs to all the people everywhere and not just a few at the top that jet-set around the world flaunting their wealth. Tax them and put those funds into meeting the NEEDS of all people everywhere. No one should starve or be living out in the elements, subject to the extremes with no shelter.

I believe we should limit the terms to 4 years. That way we can prevent Presidents from turning into Kings. This is a disaster. No more than 4 years max. They need to step back down to the local level and then after a break, they can run again. But no more dictators. Our constitution is flawed, did not provide properly for dictators.

And limit all terms to 2 years. They can step down to the local level then back up to the Federal. They must also be qualified to run, mentally, physically and with certain educational requirements for each level. We do that with other jobs. Why not the president of our country?

And replace the presidential branch of the government with a council of twelve. That’s just too much power in the hands of one person and it’s a throwback or it’s leftover from when Kings and Queens ruled the world. No more royals. And also cap personal and corporate wealth. That’s just too much money in the hands of too few people. The resources of planet Earth belong to the people, to all people equally.

We are allowing people to hoard (which is mental illness), supporting greed while others starve and live on the streets. That’s insanity. Meet the needs of all people. Train everyone to do work that’s satisfying and where people can use and exercise their minds. Applaud automation which will free humanity from menial tasks.

Provide proper education for all to rise above mediocracy so they can use their natural good given talents (and develop them) to create right-livelihood rather than work “jobs” all their lives. And allow them to move into careers that are more rewarding and shift careers when they no longer feel satisfying to the individual. Start respecting all people and they’ll feel better about themselves, contribute more to the world. Give them a sense of pride and feeling that they are worthy (not entitled).

Yes, these may be radical themes. But these are unusual times and we need to think outside the box (which is not working for most) and develop and implement new ideas which will resolve issues, solve problems and ensure basic human rights so that EVERYONE can live with beauty, dignity, grace and authentic peace. We are all equal. Remember that at all times.

Senator Kamala Harris laughs during the U.S. Democratic presidential candidates debate at the Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S. November 20, 2019.† REUTERS/Brendan McDermid – HP1EFBL09EO1R