Reaganomics is not working and has created a large poor class and no middle class.  We need to tax the rich, cap personal and corporate wealth as greed has run rampant and the rich are hoarding the resources that belong to we the people.

This Reagan strategy has turned our world into a slave planet with millions homeless in the USA and billions homeless worldwide.


Basic needs must be met. Needs include food, water, shelter, health and wellness, clothes, education, transportation, communication and some form of entertainment and vacation. We need to honor and respect all life and move from this slave wage-based system that does not even meet the basic standards to sustain life. But man is intelligent and deserves not only life but fun and happiness in order to live a life with dignity, beauty, grace and authentic peace. Maybe the robots we create will never need a break. But human beings are human and need a well-rounded life.

With needs met locally and around the world people will relax, feel better about themselves and move into more creative modes to generate additional income for luxuries and to improve their lives. Violence and wars will cease to exist as people move into a more cooperative and supportive world. People love to contribute. Let the flow of love, of giving and receiving balance and continue. Humans are social beings. Get them more involved with one another and free humanity from living inside computers.


People love luxuries. More will be free to access and express their creative side. Our society will experience a higher level of art, dance, music, science, expression, individuality. People will continue to work as they like luxuries.  Human beings love to contribute to their families, friends, to make the world increasingly better for all.


The Minimum wage goes up to $15/hour. 


Basic education up to four years of college (bachelor’s degree) is free for all.  If people want Ivy League or private schools, they can opt to pay for those types of education. Uplevel education for all for a more highly educated population creates a higher civilization.


We shift consciousness to higher levels and launch the Aquarian Age of Love and Cooperation. We compete to contribute. Our rewards are that people want our products and services. We now work to solve problems rather than focus purely on profit.  People begin to seek lives of service and Contributionism and feel greatly rewarded by the good they create while alive.


All get free medical as well. Jobs increase in health and wellness care, education, child care, and free services for all. All basic services are provided free at a basic level and regulated so they meet basic standards. These products and services are continually being improved to provide better services and higher standards. People feel appreciated and rewarded because they live lives that help others and contribute to the greater good of their community and the Earth.


The motivation to contribute to the world can be rewarded. Rewards, like the Nobel prizes which include monetary rewards besides the feeling of accomplishment, are given to those who contribute to their communities and our world.


We are a level zero society on the Kardashev scale. We need to uplevel to a level 1 or higher or perish as a species. 


Also, we are better than this. Basic human rights cannot be voted away.  Women have the right to make their own reproductive choices. If humanity is worried about its population, freeze eggs, sperm and zygotes.  Women who get abortions can opt to freeze their zygotes, offer them up for adoption to surrogate wombs. Throw money in that direction so women are no longer used as breeders.  Develop artificial wombs so women have a choice around spending time pregnant.  


We become a space-faring species and begin a Star Trekkian society that explores and settles new worlds. We respect nature everywhere and minimize our carbon footprint wherever we go.

We begin a golden age that continues forward for the duration. We are invited to join the Federation of Planets, Love and Life. We finally go where no hu-man has gone before and we meet and greet other life forms and sentient beings, respect and welcome them, co-create and cooperate. We now begin the Aquarian Age in earnest. Now is the dawning of Enki and Ninmah’s Age of Higher Consciousness.


The Kardashev scale is a method of measuring a civilization‘s level of technological advancement based on the amount of energy they are able to use. The measure was proposed by Soviet astronomer Nikolai Kardashev in 1964.[1] The scale has three designated categories:

The following two types are additional proposals not made by Kardashev.

  • A Type IV civilization also called a universal civilization—can harness the energy from the observable universe.
  • A Type V civilization also called a multi-universal civilization—has knowledge of the multiverse.

The scale is hypothetical, and regards energy consumption on a cosmic scale. Various extensions of the scale have since been proposed, including a wider range of power levels (types 0, IV through VI) and the use of metrics other than pure power.


The Kardashev system is incomplete because it does not include how we treat one another. Humanity stands on the brink of conscious evolution. We are at a crossroads where we choose the destruction or enlightenment of our world. In order to evolve, we must grow not only in technological advancements but in how we support one another. We rise or fall together. We’re all equal and equally important. We need every one of us to complete the human puzzle.

President Ronald Reagan at his desk in the Oval Office.