I get letters, texts and tweets every day from political candidates. I’ve decided to review all the candidates’ platforms (time permitting) and as a good citizen of the USA and planet Earth, I’m responding to each of them with my ideas. Who knows who reads these responses. Maybe they just go into the Akashic Records. But I’m expressing myself into the Matrix and as I do I am reminded of the poem, “I shot an arrow into the air. Where it lands, I know not where.” Perhaps my ideas may take root somewhere and grow until all needs are met and planet Earth becomes a planet of authentic PEACE and prosperity for ALL. We are all EQUAL, all ONE big human family.

My letter to billionaire, Democratic candidate Tom Steyer:

Aloha Tom,

Tom Steyer Billionaire

We need a living income, not just wages. Some of us are retired and cannot afford to meet our basic needs on such a limited income. I’ve worked all my life and I make too much for Medicaid because of some ridiculously low rate for a married couple. But if I was divorced the rate is higher for a single, I’d still qualify for Medicaid. So must I divorce the man I love to be able to get Medicaid?

We need to guarantee NEEDS MET for all people. Taxing the wealthy with a CAP on personal and corporate wealth would feed the social systems that meet the needs of the people.

Billionaires need to give to funds to house, feed, educate and meet the basic needs of we the people.  People work for LUXURIES. Needs get met.  Rich people like you have a dozen houses while over a million people in America live on the streets. Some do not even have tents. Give everyone at lease a tiny home or one-bedroom mobile home. Convert abandoned box stores into apartments for the homeless.  Restore abandoned homes and make sure every person of any age at the very least has a bedroom (maybe at least 8 x 10?). There can be some standards we meet and we can use that which already exists.

Build villages with shared resources like laundry facilities, small stores with decent, affordable prices.  There are endless solutions.  Greed and hoarding by the wealthy while people starve and live out in the elements is a sin, a crime against humanity. 

Creating homes for the homeless and poor will generate jobs (at $15 hour) which will fuel the economy.  Add small stores and shops, and creating and maintaining those facilities adds more jobs.  Hire landscapers and provide greenhouses and community gardens at the end of every block and you help people help themselves.  Fresh foods create a healthier community.   Boost the middle class and grow and maintain a healthy community.  Add a space for local farmer’s markets and where people can sell used items plus arts and crafts and you help people meet needs and earn a few luxuries.  Provide free bicycles for communities, towns and cities and hire people to maintain the bikes.  

Create systems of transportation that allow people easy access to the city to work jobs.  Create local medical centers that provide jobs. Create communities where needs can be met locally rather than having to travel excessively.  Eliminate the need to own a car.  Provide and maintain community cars people can rent for $10 a day which generates jobs for those maintaining the vehicles.  Purchase used vehicles and keep them running longer which saves money when you don’t buy new. Attend auctions and get discounted vehicles for cheap rental in communities.  

Think communities. Create farm communities and restore and maintain these beautiful quaint towns that are losing populations.  Create organic farms for healthy food distribution to communities. Stop importing so much food from great distances.  Create greenhouses and hire locally to maintain and generate food that’s organic, not GMO.  Think local. Grow local. Buy local. Support your community.

Provide health and wellness that’s more natural with fewer to no side effects. Healthy food and environments create a cycle of health and wellness.  Healthy environments heal the world, keep our planetary ecosystem clean and green. Start in the USA and create an example of clean, green environments that are recreated internationally. We are one world. We need to clean up pollution everywhere, and that includes mental, spiritual and psychological pollution.

Greed fuels the fossil fuel industry which kills our world. Greed fuels the medical industry which creates drugs with huge side effects which also pollute our waterways and lands as these drugs get into our waterways.  Think healthy and wellness from top to bottom all the way through our ecosystem.  

Our governments are repressing technologies and cures that fix everything because they are based on a greed economy. They operate on a war economy. We need to use our buying power to force the power elite to create a people-based needs met for all economies.

We need to create and maintain basic human rights for all. Women and children are not property. Women need to make their own decisions regarding their bodies. We, women, feel insulted that men do not trust us to maintain our own bodies so they make decisions regarding our reproductive choices. We do not tell me how often they can orgasm. They need to stop trying to control our minds, bodies and souls.

Plant trees and edible foods everywhere.  Leave areas wild and train people to manage wildlands and generate more rain and eliminate carbon.
We can do this but we need more billionaires to be willing to step back from their billionaire level back to the millionaire level.  Same with corporations. Give back to the world and you give back to yourself.  Money is not the key to happiness.  Cooperation, caring, sharing creates a better, more prosperous world for all.

Remember hoarding is a mental illness that affects not only the ultra-rich but people on all levels.  Create hoarding support groups and systems like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and anger management support groups and help this planet heal from hoarding and materialism.  We have become so materialistic, we’ve lost our souls and our minds and are killing this beautiful planet. INSANE. 

Tom’s website: https://www.tomsteyer.com/

Tom came out with support for a wealth tax. Below is his original letter sent to me on 12/02/19:

Janet:  Today is another stark reminder of inequality in this country. Millions of Cyber Monday deals will create astronomical profits for CEOs like Jeff Bezos, making them even wealthier. At the same time, warehouse workers often suffer traumatic working conditions and unfair wages while barely making ends meet. I know you must be thinking, that’s rich coming from another billionaire. I’m not exempt from conversations about wealth disparity — and I know I have a responsibility to help reshape this system that allowed me to see such success. I take that responsibility seriously. 

That’s why, in addition to signing The Giving Pledge to give away the majority of my wealth during my lifetime, I strongly support a wealth tax on the wealthiest 0.1%, and would implement a national living wage of at least $15 per hour as president. I know that these changes won’t fix everything that’s wrong with the way money is spread in this country, but this is how we start to fix a broken system: with major structural reforms that try to even the playing field.

Sign on if you’re with me on this, Janet — America needs a wealth tax, now. On your side,Tom