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Medicare for All Prevents Medical Murder

Private insurance raises rates, co-payments and premiums and insures death for poor people. When the choice is between life and debt, people often forgo treatment and end up dying. They cannot afford co-pays and expensive medicines so they do not get the proper treatment they need to sustain life. Big pharma inflates medicine prices to […]

Letter to Andrew Yang

Aloha Andrew,Thanks for writing to me. Happy Holidays and may 2020 be the best year ever.  I agree with the basic minimum income and yet we need to address the issue more fully and present that every human being needs a basic minimum needs economy so that as a birth right, their needs are met. […]

A 5,000-Year-Old Plan to Erase Debts Is ...

Ben HollandBloombergDecember 10, 2019 (Bloomberg) — In ancient Babylon, a newly enthroned king would declare a jubilee, wiping out the population’s debts. In modern America, a faint echo of that idea — call it jubilee-lite — is catching on. Support for write-offs has been driven by Democratic presidential candidates. Elizabeth Warren says she’d cancel […]

RE: Kamala Harris Quits – Kamala, What i

Aloha Kamala, Thanks for letting me know personally that you have stopped running for president. Maybe you’d like a little bit of feedback. I was unsure of your policies and platform from what you were saying at the debates. I watched all of them and plan on watching the rest up to the finish line. […]

Architect creates gorgeous “Vertical For

When I travel astrally to other worlds at night, I’ve seen cities that are green where architecture and nature merge. One building has two gigantic trees that are as tall as a building (like the trees in the movie Avatar) on both sides of the entryway and the feeling as you approach the doorway is […]

Reaganism Run Ragged: Allow Humanity to ...

REAGANOMICS Reaganomics is not working and has created a large poor class and no middle class.  We need to tax the rich, cap personal and corporate wealth as greed has run rampant and the rich are hoarding the resources that belong to we the people. This Reagan strategy has turned our world into a slave […]

Response to Letter From Democratic Candi...

I get letters, texts and tweets every day from political candidates. I’ve decided to review all the candidates’ platforms (time permitting) and as a good citizen of the USA and planet Earth, I’m responding to each of them with my ideas. Who knows who reads these responses. Maybe they just go into the Akashic Records. […]