Spider in the interdimensional stairwell portal

After much determination, my best friend, Carolyn, and I managed to crack open the upper door of the stairwell. We stuck the tips of our tiny fingers and with great effort and both of us pulling with all of our combined strength, the door popped open. We slowly opened it fearful that something might jump out and say “boo:” Cautiously, gradually we widened the opening in the door until it was open far enough to see inside.

When our eyes focused, we clearly saw it. Our jaws fell opened and we stifled a scream. The last thing we wanted to do was alert my mother who was directly below us in the kitchen washing dishes.

She strictly forbade me to ever go near the stairwell doors, top or bottom, and under any circumstances. But curiosity got the better of us. After all these years the door was finally open.

We were shocked to see a giant spider at least 3 to 4 feet wide that sat smack dab in the middle of a web that took up the entire stairwell. She was up against the window which illuminated the stairwell. There was enough natural light coming from the stained glass window. The house was built in the 1840s long before electricity, so there was no electricity installed in the stairway. The air that escaped to our world from that other dimension was stale, musty and dusty.

Even though we were young, around 5 to 6 years old, we were old enough to know spiders of that size did not exist in our world.

My grandparents bought our family home around the turn of the century and had to install electricity much later when it became more affordable and commonplace. I’m certain that the door had not been opened in at least 50 years. My mother was visibly frightened by what lay behind that door and harshly forbade any of us children to ever open it. But of course, we could not obey for a no was a challenge to us as we thought we knew it all despite our tender years. So here we are, door open and in horrendous danger. What to do?

Naturally, our instincts protected us. We both screamed and quickly closed the door in fear that Mrs. Spider would see us and launch an attack. However, as I sit here writing this, I remote view and time travel back to that day.

Looking through my looking glass/time machine, I sense extreme intelligence in the giant spider. I realize the reason we were so obsessed to get that door open so we would see her is that she called us. She wanted me to write about her in the future (which is my now) and realize intelligence is everywhere in beings not like us and in all sizes and shapes. She’s saying that time is an illusion, that we exist everywhere and all we need do is focus and a part of us goes there. We bilocate and are there and here at the same “time”.

She’s telling me as I view her, that she had no plans to attack us. But had we stepped through that door, we would’ve entered her dimension and her reality and we would have become fair game. She has many children to feed, her generations to spawn and we would have provided nourishment for them for a long time.

She’s thanking me for visiting her as she does wish us well. She is, however much like us, torn between loving oneness and universal consciousness and the root chakra, basic instinctual, fight or flight level that would have kicked in for all of us had we passed that threshold. We were protected by GodSource for higher purposes and this time. We had no idea what we were up against. She knows she would have won and we would have died that day.

A few years later my mother received an inheritance and she used that money to put up new siding on the house and cover that window. She was always defensive talking about the stairwell. She was protective and didn’t want us children getting hurt by the unseen but often felt hidden forces that lurked behind the stairwell, which had been closed for decades. When I mentioned ghosts, she changed the subject. Frequently ghosts would disappear into the stairwell.

I would come up behind her when she thought she was alone, and I often caught her talking to her deceased mother in her bedroom. Maybe she thought she was imagining it. She had never gotten over her mother’s death and would call out to her in despair when she was troubled.

If I was quiet enough, I could catch Mother talking with grandma. Eventually, I was able to peer past her into the room and saw a transparent woman standing on the other side of my mother’s bed in front of the mirrored vanity. There was no reflection in the mirror.

I recognized grandmother from the picture I had seen on my mother’s dresser. She was the same ghost that stood at the foot of my bed staring at me as I slept. I could sense her presence and would awaken. She let me see her fully. Once she saw that my eyes adjusted in the dark and I could see her, she would vanish in early visitations. Later when she thought I was more comfortable with her visits she stayed and the only way I could get her to leave was to cover my head with the blankets and fall asleep. She was always gone by morning. But I know she could manifest in full daylight as I saw her visiting my mother. I believe she both protected me but was motivated by her own curiosity and desire to get to know me.

Maybe my mother evoked her. Maybe grandma responded across the dimensions to help her distraught daughter. Grandmother, who maybe was trapped in between worlds because her daughter could not let go of her, tried hard to communicate with me. Maybe I could be the one to bridge the gap between the living and the dead and learn how to communicate and thus help my poor mother who struggled most of her life. Grandmother would stand at the end of my bed, play the piano that was in my bedroom (which was formerly hers), turn lights off and on, move furniture in the attic above my head.

Maybe it was my grandma and maybe some of the things that happened were due to her mother, my great-grandmother, who also lived in my bedroom before me. I didn’t like all the attention I was getting. Granted, I am psychic and could see them. But now I’m fascinated and the memories flood in. This time I see it all through a veil of curiosity rather than fear. Perhaps I couldn’t help them back then. But maybe now, years later now they’re all dead, I can do something and piece together the mystery of these unknown worlds between worlds.

Years ago, back in the 50s or 60s, often when playing in the yard or street, one could look up at our house and see a figure staring back at us children. I knew that the stairwell was a portal between worlds as ghosts who came to haunt me would disappear into it when chased. At first, when seeing ghosts, I would run away or if they were at the foot of my bed, hide under the covers. But over time I became irritated with these invaders who thrust themselves into my life on a daily basis and would jump up out of the recliner and chase them. They always ran. I’m not sure what I would have done had they stood their ground.

George, a ghost who could only manifest his head, bothered me the most. Once during a seance when we were in our early teens, we pulled him through and he spoke to us through our channeler. Larry also drew him as he channeled him. I was shocked to see “Georg” wore a beard in the sketch that looked just like the beard on the ghost that haunted my Sunday mornings as I tried to watch cartoons.

When my mother died, she came to me. She told me she took all the ghosts that lived in our family home with her and they were now on their way to their inter-life and future lives. I visited the house in 2001, two years after her death and yes, all the entities, beasties, and ghosts were gone. My husband, who is also psychic, commented that the house was free and clear the moment he walked through the front door. I also felt it. The house, which had a weird vibe all the years I lived there and when I would visit my parents, was indeed free and clear.

My sister’s very appreciative that they are gone because she still lives in our family home.