Penny Bradley wrote this and it’s brilliant. Thank you Penny. It’s time we really wake up and realize those who are rich do not love us, we the poor people of the planet. They are all part of the rich gang who are self-serving and only care about their own pockets. Thank you Penny Bradley.  Everyone spread the word, be heard. Now read below and listen up, wake up before it’s too late. Thanks. 

I often feel like an oddball amongst Americans simply for this whole “woke” movement (health-wise, spirituality wise, or consciousness/conscious awareness wise) among my unfortunate contemporaries; which is a complete joke to anyone who was born with [not so] common sense.

Oh wow, you say microwaves are unhealthy for cooking food? You don’t say…Good thing I was raised without one in the house and learned to use grills, stoves and ovens, or cook over a firepit. Congratulations America you are learning, growing up super fast. Almost 3 years old now.

Oh, fast food is bad for you, you don’t say? Good thing I can count on my hands the times I’ve eaten fast food, and mostly was raised growing my own as was done in the old country for countless millennia.

The government doesn’t have any of its citizens’ best interests at heart, you say? Who knew? But now of course, Mr. Trump is totally “for the people”, and not just another puppet to maintain and accentuate the status quo’s hold over the willfully ignorant who regardless of politricks or their attempted arguments, simply hated having a black man as their president for 8 years…Can you say “Hegelian dialect”?

On that note, the paradigm many think Mr. Dumps is taking down (“Evil Illuminati”), is in fact behind everything else they otherwise would support, ironically…Being green energy, clean biofuels, quantum tech, organic farms and incentives to go organic for former Monsanto run farms.

Of course, people can “research” all they want, but David Rockefeller Jr. was not their personal babysitter, family dog sitter, and neighbor as a kid for example. And they usually don’t bother “researching” into the numerous EPA deregulations of Mr. Dumps’ Koch brothers governed the operation, ie; the numerous incentives for companies and corporations to switch back from “going green”, to oil, coal, or natural gas. All while taxing green energies, pushing the ease of the ability for the common citizen, farm, or business to convert to solar or wind power backward.

And of course, they never met Mr. Dumps in person, so the pedophile rings they think he is “taking down”, they would not recognize as actually having been exposed by non-government-affiliated individuals over several years of private investigations, long prior to his arrival. Stop giving credit to your enslaver for further enslaving you.

The rest of the world thought America was finally beginning to grow up before Donald, now the rest of the world knows better. A good portion is akin to bratty toddlers with such full diapers they can’t stop themselves from shitting out of their mouths, at best.

Whether you love or hate the current pawn in chief, you fall under his spell on one side of the divide either way. Such polarity is entirely necessary, as only the wise will rise above the frenzy of the shitshow that is America, and ‘Murica. Cheers to the Sovereign of Amaru-ka.

–Jason La Monte