I grew up in the 60s. My parents were Republicans but they really didn’t support the war. They scrambled to finance my brother’s education so he could go to college. Then he joined the army to avoid Vietnam. I was proud of them. They didn’t sent my brother off to die in a senseless war. My father suffered from PTSD from WWII and my mother suffered from PTSD from nearly starving in the depression. I rebelled (very passively, like the nerdy pacifist I am) and aligned with the anti-war movement, dressed like a mod hippie. I’ve never stopped being a peacenik.

As an Extraterrestrial Experiencer/Contactee I know worlds where peace prevails. These worlds are pristine. Everyone gets their basic needs met and are educated so that they can maximize their contributions to their planetary and galactic societies. They are space-faring. They visit us and feel great compassion for our plight. They’re rooting for us to evolve, grow, get conscious. They have many humans involved in their ambassador programs. I am one of them, but I’m one of many. I am frustrated at the lack of empathy for our fellow man. I see these societies where love abounds. Even “Star Trek” which used to be a model for peaceful exploration of space has been hijacked and has become “Star Wars”.

While it’s frustrating, I know we have it in ourselves to move beyond this and join together in loving oneness where everyone on this planet has their basic needs met. No one starves and species are preserved and reintroduced to the wild. Wild areas are maintained. The oceans are cleaned. The Amazon and forests and jungles are preserved. We’ve peacefully colonized the planets and head into new frontiers where no Earth human has ever gone. We are greeted by other humanoid species and recognize our family is indeed universal and quite large.