We had something over my house for HOURS two days ago.  If it was a satellite, it would have moved on. But it was there in broad daylight for about 5 to 6 hours, very visible. Even the neighbors looked up and commented. Plus I called the news station and they had already received another report.  Then I had to stop paying attention and get back to work. But my worker was painting the house out front, so he saw it the whole time.  He was so excited.  He felt it was not human as it was illogical for it to remain over our house for such a long time. What do you think?

Last night I was on another planet. They gave me the song of the planet. They said each planet has its own song. So they said from here on out they will give me the song of each planet when I return to my body (or I am returned, I’m not sure what’s actually happening), so I can know which planet I have been visiting. 

I work on Nibiru on a regular basis and I’m in charge of relocating homeless people to abandoned cities and we are restoring these wonderful old structures, that are still quite sound even after hundreds of thousands of years, and we are growing food and feeding everyone.  All contribute, be it work, building, farming, cooking, singing, dancing, talking story.. all count as contributing, just like Tellinger’s system of Ubuntu (contributionism). 

On Nibiru, most of the cities I visit are huge, tall buildings, mostly empty.  Nibiru is very large and had a population in the tens of billions at the height of their civilization. 

The planet last night, same story.  I was zooming around the streets traveling around 20 to 35 miles “on foot”.  But my feet never touch the ground. I’m hovering but need no apparatus.  I think I’m levitating.  I have been able to levitate here on Earth, as a baby.  I remember several episodes of levitating quite clearly, even getting busted by my mother, scaring her quite severely which ended up with her being quite angry.  So I stopped doing that in front of her. 

But I encountered several beings on the periphery (like the background people in a crowded city) and someone was with me the whole time just out of sight behind me on the left.  At one point I came around the bend in this labyrinth of tall, brick walls and a blond-haired, blue-eyed, very light-skinned, thin woman faced me and communicated with me telepathically.  She was very friendly. I was worried about her being alone outside in the maze of alleyways, and she responded, not in words but concepts that she’s safe, well and if she wants to go inside, she points her finger and gently touches any part of the wall, and a door swings open from the inside to let her in.

I smiled at her as she stepped inside and zoomed on my way. Several times I said telepathically, “I’m afraid.”  A thought came back from my guide, “You’re safe.  You are mixing up your world with this one. There’s no violence here”.  My subconscious mind kept thinking someone would be lurking in the alley to attack me, a woman all by myself.  But my guide was right. When I used my spider senses, this place, this entire planet that I was on had no violent thoughts anywhere.  No one thought like I did and they were showing me that non-violent planets exist, and in fact, are common. 

They conveyed that in order to live on planet Earth, we in human form must always be aware that danger could come at any time. That’s why they equipped human avatars with reptilian fight or flight type DNA so we had it within us to preserve and protect ourselves.  But next level I will be in form (or I am able to now inhabit forms in my simultaneous existences) that lacks that fight DNA.  

So with that being said, I realize as I’m typing that they are telling me I was actually there for I felt the fear pheromones activating during my visit. But somehow I was both places, as I had to get up and pee during this exercise and I also had to roll over so my body would not awaken with aches and pains the next morning.  

I was there about 4 or 5 Earth hours. When I went to the bathroom, I saw the wall clock and it was around 2 AM.  Periodically while traveling through the maze of brick walls, I would pop “outside” and see the enormous city down below, on a lower elevation. I was on the top of the mountain and could see for miles. The terrain below was relatively flat and went on as far as the eye could see.  It was night, so I saw the lights. When I was in the maze of brick walls, I could feel a pleasant breeze on my face, and I was aware that the city was under and open sky, and not domed like the city I visited last month. 

The maze was illuminated by an unseen light source. The setting was on nighttime, so it felt snoozing and relaxing, like walking around your own home with lamps on instead of the overhead light. 

When I returned a song was playing in my head. This song was slow and drawn out, with a long note held for a four-count ending with four slow drum beats which completed the song. This song was more somber. The planet I visited a few days ago has a very upbeat song with a rhythm and a beat of drums almost the entire time. I was surprised to hear drums. I’ve encountered the songs of the universe before when zooming through space. The sound of the spheres often resembles that of human choirs, all resonating in incredible harmony that brings chills up and down the spine and tears to the eyes. 

The first song of creation is a variation of Pacobell’s Canon.  I’m not sure how to spell it. I’ll have to look it up.

Anyway, the final thing is that I am still vibrating in harmony with that other world.  I’ve not eaten breakfast yet, which has a grounding effect and will “break the spell”.  I am sipping on my tea and that is gradually reintegrating me into this world where I must soon begin my day.

Thanks for writing. Thanks for reading this. This is my life with ongoing contact.  I am learning how to bring back my parallel lives to this one. Existence is truly amazing. We souls are incredible beings. Life is exciting and grand.

Oh, and one final thing. The entire time they were healing and fixing this body to maintain it and allow me to continue my human experiment.  I imagine this is what the Borg Seven of Nine Experienced in her rejuvenation cube. She emerged energized. I feel quite ready to face my day and my mood is elevated, happy, calm and centered.