Listen up and learn. The democratic 2020 candidates are discussing planetary solutions that help everyone survive, thrive and live much better lives. They move beyond rhetoric to ways to solve, resolve the issues that affect regular human beings, all humanity, all creatures and features across this amazing planet.

We need green candidates and regular folks, not rich, power-elite people who cannot see or feel the suffering of average human beings. We are all equal and all deserve basic needs met, food, water, shelter, education, communication, medical and wellness. Together we change this planet and co-create a level one civilization or higher, now, in this generation. Now is our time to shine and create lives that work for all. Cap personal wealth. Tax the rich who pay little to nothing.

Stop hoarding money. Hoarding is a mental illness. Put it back into circulation, support social programs to improve all lives. Uplevel all humanity. The whole world benefits from better educated, healthy, free people who get their needs met. Needs met eliminates war. Stop racism and prejudice personally and in the world. We are all equal.