Imagine Peace Train Campaign ~ 2016 Presidential Peace Campaign

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Written by Kira Ninmah

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Time for everyone to get on the global peace train as we join Janet KiraLessin as she hits the presidential campaign trail to create authentic peace for all beings. This is the “Snowball’s chance in Hell” campaign, aka the Universal Peace Platform, for disclosure is here, now, and we need to uplevel our thinking to a galactic level in order to envision a new system that works for all of humanity and not just a few, the power elite at the top of the pyramid. We all know the time is now for far too many suffer and live lives full of pain, trauma, drama and fear. Help now by changing your own personal minds, your lives, to ones that support peace at all times in all ways.

Janet Kira LessinOctober 10 at 7:07am ·

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

I wrote this to Hillary today. She keeps writing to me! LOL!

Dear Hillary,

I’m running for president as well. But here’s what we can do. You can run for president and I’m vice president but I’m speaking my personal truth and we totally revamp our platform to the freedom platform.

Oh you think that’s crazy? Well this current slave system is insane!

Women need a platform, a voice and I am a liberal voice who would love to see humanity FREE in my lifetime. Right now our society is mostly composed of corporate, economic slaves, That’s not nice. it’s not fun to be a slave any way you look at it. Our basic needs are not being met.

Mortgage companies still foreclose and we need to grant everyone their homes. That’s a given. Debt forgiveness, across the board. Universally.

We meet at the United Nations and push debt forgiveness, universal basic needs income. Everyone gets their needs met.

We have the technology now to do all this. All go into a database based on skills, desires, wants, needs. Then we match people with what they want to do. I think each person only needs to volunteer 10 to 15 hours a week to meet the needs of the entire society to keep it operational.

We eliminate money and move to credits. And it’s all equal across the board everywhere. No money renders all money useless simultaneously.

We all get food, water, clothing, shelter, transportation, energy, communication, education, entertainment, vacation time, time to work, time for ourselves.

All work is counted included taking care of children, elders, handicapped. When we don’t count the work of mothers and fathers, we create slavery. It all counts.

We can only have one child per person. That’s until we figure this out. There’s a five year moratorium on it until we open space travel and colonization of our planets, moons, asteroids and space stations. There’s plenty of room out there to expand.

War is illegal. All who are warlike go to Botony Bay colonies for rehabilitation. They learn sports and act out that way. They are sentenced to daily counseling and group therapy.

No more war and the war industry gone.

All hate crimes gone. All people are equal. All are sovereign. No more slavery of women and children.

Religions that promote war and hate and deny woman basic human rights are gone. There’s no religious freedom which violates another’s human rights. No more dress codes. That’s a form of slavery.

Cap on personal wealth. That stops greed.

We shift to a time bank. All labor is equal, including the president. Every hour is equal to one no matter what you do.

All inventions belong to all. Anything that uplevels our lives is free and the reward is the praise one receives, not money. Geeze.

History remembers the contributions of its heros, not how many dollars they ended up with in the bank.

I look forward to co-creating our new campaign together.

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