In a world designed to meet the needs of every global citizen, the job of each citizen is that of a consumer. All funds that come our way are spent on needs and luxuries that fuel the economy. We need to purchase homes, fuel, transportation locally if we are operating on a money/credit based system. We can purchase other goods and services locally, like repairs, essentials like food, medicines/wellness supplies, sundries, etc. or go online and search for what we need and order. All these actions contribute to society, put energy into motion that creates goods and services.

More advanced societies do not operate on a money-based system which resembles a tit for tat mentality, a basic distrust of the natural flow of energy. Energy equates to love and life. If we love ourselves, we love the process of living and living involves motion and action, even if it’s simply thinking (like the late scientist Stephen Hawking). But even Hawking contributed much to his society during his “earth walk” while confined to a chair totally immobilized. Hawking inspired everyone by his accomplishments even while severely disabled for he modeled how everyone can contribute despite all odds. And the desire to contribute to our world is as basic/primal as the need to consume energy (food) and services (he had caretakers and an entire system designed to meet his needs to remain alive). Our society’s healthy in that way as Hawking’s needs were met all along the way as his health deteriorated, as evidenced that he survived to live a ripe old age well into his 70s.

All needs, like housing, clothing, food, air, water, shelter, education, transportation, communication and more are seen as needs and are thus met as a birth right. People naturally “work” as they move through their day meeting their own needs and the needs of their children, family, friends and community.

Our society’s still quite primitive as we operate on money, but we shall see how space faring societies do it and begin to wrap our minds around other paradigms of meeting needs, production, productivity, creation, distribution and support.

In the interim society, we use money or some system of credits to balance the books using math. In a natural society we’re more in tune with the math and politics of love and energy flow, which is far more kind and efficient than having to break everything down into numbers. Smiles, appreciation, love and energy eventually replace the need for accounting, which is used in emerging societies throughout the universe. Natural flows, exchange and distribution emerge as telepathy evolves as one develops enough sensitivity to feel when balance is achieved between two or more people.

What we recommend for humans in the interim as you learn, grow, evolve and become conscious is that you reset your value system and level the playing field as all things are indeed equal and the more you see equality in all things, the more balance’s achieved and flow’s established and maintained. It’s like the game of keeping the balloon afloat in a crowd and as it moves towards you and threatens to fall to the ground, In a natural way using instincts and reflexes, one hits the falling balloon and sends it on currents of love to the next who hits it back into the air so it never hits the ground. That’s how life works in a system based on love, Ubuntu and consciousness. We invite you to become conscious and aware that love guides all things, all beings and is a natural flow, a kinder way to live in material worlds.

Return to balance. Humanity’s out of balance due to its patriotic and hierarchical systems. All are equal always in all ways. Balance yourself individually by balancing your own inner and outer masculine and feminine energies, balance yourself by seeing all life as equal to your own and the basic concept of balancing ones own mind balances the world around you. If all 7.5 billion people balanced themselves conceptually in the mind, they would accomplish equality and end all wars, meet all needs in a single day. But since we must begin with ourselves individually, as that’s really the only one we have control over is ourselves, we first realize that by balancing self we harness enough energy that’s sufficient enough to balance the entire world. We individually are that powerful that we can affect the entire collective of not just this world, but the entirety of the cosmos. But we begin here, in this now by wrapping our heads around how this emerges so we balance all of existence with our mind and concepts that emerge from within mind.

HOUR WAGES: Reset wages globally across all professions. Everyone makes $15/hour regardless of what you make now. Reset. Imagine. This is a game. Pretend with me just for a moment. Imagine everyone, from world leaders to babysitters, from CEO’s to fast food clerks and factory workers all make $15/hour. Reset. Imagine. Think about it. This is fun. Doesn’t that make you smile? We’re all equal. Get over yourselves. We all get the same wage. Got it? Good. Now we continue the game.

HOUSING: Every soul alive in a body deserves their own room and a bathroom. Other amenities can be shared, like kitchen, living room, etc. Many items can easily be shared by two or more people, like we do in families. But the basic need for privacy and human dignity of a space we can call our own, a bedroom of our own can easily be met in a needs based economy. There are more than enough buildings already built that can be repaired, remodeled and salvaged, made habitable to get everyone alive off the streets and into their own homes, at least a bedroom with a bath with shared facilities which could expand to at least 1000 square feet studios and eventually more space, like minimally a 1500 square foot one bedroom suite for each individual alive. Let’s imagine that accomplishment as our goal to meet for everyone alive 18 and older. Children need supervision and care taking till they are 18 and that’s a good basic standard we must meet in a civilization.

HOUSING: Everyone gets free housing. Every soul alive. Imagine it. Good. Wrap your head around it.

Providing these spaces for all 7.5 billion people for free will spark the economy for generations. If we cannot provide enough space on Earth, we need to develop space and other planets or otherwise delay creating children until we can do so and meet their basic needs for dignity. Do we need as many people as we have? Can we meet each individual’s needs? Can we, as a society establish and maintain and decent level of care and dignity for all children, all people every day of our lives? If not, maybe we need to develop a more conscious system of replacing ourselves with new bodies in which to incarnate or stop having babies until there’s an opening. We have sufficient numbers right now based on our systems of means distribution so until we develop better systems, we must stop being such a cruel society. Bottom line we’re being mean to souls and we need to knock it off and get over it, become conscious and grow up as a society. We now have the means for it as we have the internet and the means to move products created just about anywhere across the globe in a short enough time to feed the world before enough food makes it to the consumer unspoiled.

FOOD: We need to feed the world? How? Everyone grows food. Food grows everywhere. Most societies develop dome cities to stabilize the weather and maximize food production. Food is grown everywhere in porch gardens and families work to maintain their own food production just as they cook, wash dishes, bathe themselves, keep their rooms clean. If we are physically unable to do it ourselves, others come in and meet those needs, do things for us. A caring society maximizes resources to meet the needs of everyone. All needs are known in a database based on AI which knows all.

For example, we will all soon have smart appliances and smart homes that can detect when supplies run down and need replaced. Robots clean, manage, organize and keep all spaces sanitary reducing and eliminating all disease and health problems. Imagine a world where these needs are met as a basic standard of healthy and happy existence. We care for one another, meet needs, provide services and contribute for that’s the value of life, that we are in service to one another and our community, that the happiness of all of us individually and collectively matters.

Imagine a world where needs are met and meeting those needs of all indictable fuels the economy, creates jobs and “something to do” that makes us all feel loved, loving, supported and supportive. Bees in a hive support one another and the entire hive for they feel their loving oneness as a unit. Humanity is one species, all connected through souls and DNA. We created the illusion of separateness in order to maximize the diversification of existence.

We’ve done a good job. Now it’s time to pull back that extreme sense of duality of self and not self and balance that with loving oneness, that we’re all connected and at the highest level of existence, we’re all ONE BEING we often refer to as GOD. Somehow we envision this as a man on a throne (which is totally warped). But now we envision us as a giant orb of pure, white light surrounded by love like one giant hug. We merge into one another, feel each other and the enormous amount of love we generate when unified. Then we move apart and remember that while we’re eternally connected and in love with one another, we’re also individuals on our own paths, loving supported in our adventures so we co-create with God and diversify existence creating incredibly new things, new experience for all to enjoy.

In future postings I will flesh out more of what’s required in a Basic Minimum Needs Economy. While thinking about that may boggle the mind (which is a good thing), we will explain over time the systems used on other worlds and civilizations that are more unified, loving, connected and kind than the current Earth society. But humanity’s getting it. We just need to accelerate progress in order to eliminate disaster. All are recoverable. We’re just working to make things much easier individually and collectively and do so in a more more efficient and timely manner. So be prepared to wake up and evolve faster for all’s accelerated and now is the time.