Souls Reincarnate Continually, Move Through Time, Space & Form


I recently listened to an interview of Mary Rodham, a UFO Contactee, Experiencer Researcher who has investigated thousands of cases internationally.  She’s also correlated her data with the research of Dr. Michael Newton who’s been investigating life between lives for over 40 years with thousands of cases collected by himself and his team of researchers.  These researchers are networked all over the planet and collect data from hypnotherapy sessions using Newton’s special techniques which they send to Newton’s team.  Dr. Newton’s now quite elderly and retired and no longer does sessions or presentations.

The findings are astonishing, to say the least.  It seems we humans are actually multi-dimensional beings and we simultaneously exist on many levels.  We don’t waste a second of existence, apparently, for time is an illusion of this world. When we sleep we’re living full lives often working jobs in other forms.  We can leave our form on a shelf, hanging on a hook, dissolved into molecules reconstructed to look however we like or need it to look or be.  We’re all shapeshifters, able to form or not form with our minds (which do not reside in our physical bodies in brains).

At any time we can become conscious of our true existence and live from that reality. Or we can choose to remain conscious, dividing the mind into conscious and subconscious so we can play at being human.  But we’re all more than human, all alien in thought and form. We chose where to be at each moment on the highest of high levels of ourselves. Our Higher Selves seem to dictate where we send threads of ourselves, our energy, and how fast and far we evolve. We apparently like the process so we slow it down, stretch it out over time (an illusion we continually co-create with others).

Time is the stage, the play, the hologram holding together the thread of life. We play, weave between each other in our forms of illusion.  We’re one, permeable, each other on other levels but here we practice a dance, the illusion once again, that we are separate beings. And from this level of density, we tend to hurt each other, physically, psychically, emotionally because we no longer feel each other. Permeability creates sensitivity because when we hurt another we instantly feel it. It’s like hurting ourselves and it is.So we get off hurting each other quite rapidly because pain is rather intolerable.

But here, we do heinous things because we don’t feel one another and that’s the grand experiment, to not feel each other on the physical level then learn to emphasize with one another. We’re here to develop our emotional wings, grow spiritually and develop compassion for each other as we wallow in the physical experience, the human one being perhaps the most difficult of all.

I’ll continue this research and will report more to you via future blogs.

You can participate by paying attention to your dreams and keeping a dream journal.  If you invite your subconscious to remember, you’ll start having memories of your other lives, existences, and experiences beyond life and five senses reality.  The universal law in action is apparently “you will see it when you believe it”.  Belief plays a major role in life’s experiences, that’s why it’s so important to monitor and change your thought patterns for thoughts are indeed deeds.

And additionally, since 12/21/12, we are in a new era of manifestation. So while we didn’t get major earth changes and destruction (a blessing if you ask me), we did get changes in how reality operates and the changes are subtle, will reveal themselves over time (so we have time to adjust and won’t get too destabilized). But change is the nature of reality and we need to prepare for changes and using our focus and intention, hijack reality into the positive timeline so we maximize good changes for all of us.

Yes, things seem darkest right before the light of day dawns and illuminates our world.  Yet we’re not simply victims, we are choosers so we become more empowered by this realization and can be effective in our walk in this world. That’s what the Illuminati and dark powers that struggle to maintain control of this world fear most. They fear we’ll wake up in the midst of this program, this mind-control dream they’re attempting to shove down our throats as something we want, need and desire. But that’s all illusion and the veil’s coming down, the curtain falls, the Wizard of Oz is operating the matrix and the Emperor is totally naked and wears zero clothes.

The next few months leading into the next two years will blow your minds. Good things are here, yet to come. Focus on love for love is what will pull us through this final dark part.  We’ve begun our birth pangs and like enlightened beings who are giving birth consciously, our birth into our new selves can be painless.