They Don’t Care About Us by Janet Kira Lessin

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Written by Kira Ninmah

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Those who control this planet, the power elite do not love us.  There are many who don’t care about us and wish us dead. These are those who embrace hierarchy, who feel just because of their status and station, their genetics and DNA that they are superior to others.  They see us as slaves, no matter what our skin color for we are different than they.

They are the royals, the Illuminati and they control all the governments, large corporations, religions and politicians.  They sit at the top and look down their noses at us.  They create class and castes and put us in these boxes depending on where we were born and to whom.

They are not even human thus they pollute our land, water and air to terraform it to make it more compatible with their nature.

Our planet has been colonized with hybrids, part terrestrial, part extraterrestrial no matter how we see it.  We are continually being seeded by meteorites that bombard us from space.  In addition there has been intelligent design and manipulation, not from God but by other beings created long ago in the universal scheme of things that have been playing God as co-creators with Source, the planet seeders and terraformers that have spawned life all over the Universe.  It’s the natural law of existence and nothing wrong with spreading life through the cosmos and diversifying the continuum.

There are further hybridization programs.  Robert H. Heinlein said “No one owns their DNA”, and that seems to be the universal law in practice for aliens have been genetically modifying humans for millenia.  Are we willing participants in this program?  Apparently so.  For soul agreements trump ego awareness and contactees continually reveal, (when they get to the core of their experiences) that they have agreed to this ongoing experiment which further diversifies creation by gene donation and sometimes even child fathering, bearing and rearing.

How many hybrids walk amount us? Apparently all of us are hybrids but to what degree?  Only our DNA can tell.

Yes, we are all hybrids.  We are mammals with reptilian parts of our brains. Our souls chose the bodies in which we inhabit.  We are a symbiotic being, part soul and part form which we animate. DNA within our bodies contain coding for our characteristics and qualities.  To a degree DNA establishes personality potentials.  However, the soul with it’s lifetimes of experience on many planets, dimensions and endless forms, trumps the body. So we, the eternal being always are the chooser even though we sometimes play victim and act like we are helplessly controlled by our DNA and our external circumstances.  Oh woe is me!

So to clarify, no matter the characteristics, qualities and tendencies of the body, we are always at choice and we animate form, not the other way around. So it bugs me to see people rationalize violence.

Whether you chose to murder your own children or march off to war, participate in the war industry and murder children there in a foreign country far, far away, you are still a murderer.  You can justify it all you want. At the end of the day you have taken a life or lives, against their wishes, violated their free will and thus you will be haunted all your existence till you make amends and feel sorrow for interfering with another being’s life path.  Murder is murder and war is just an excuse to murder people who differ from you and make other choices.

What to do?

Certainly, we need to neutralize those who would hurt and harm another being from the peaceful part and stop interfering with the life paths of other beings.  Those who wish to play war games can go off planet to another place in space and shoot em up bang bang till their hearts content. We now have all we need, travel in space, free energy systems, cures for all diseases including aging but the power elite remain in control and continue to deny us solutions for all our problems (which have already been invented and reinvented long ago).

This insanity has to stop.  Awareness of the endless lies told by our politicians and so-called rulers (doesn’t matter if they’re elected or put on the throne by birth. They’re all in the same Illuminati club), is growing exponentially. We must stop participating in the lies ourselves for then we are as guilty as they for crimes against humanity and this planet create karma that continues to the end of time.

No one makes us violent.  We do. Take personal responsibility for your sins against your fellow man (and being). Stop scape-goating and projecting.  The buck stops with yourself.  Be a man. Be a woman. Be a human being and stop participating in the insanity. Nullity.

Each and every one of us have violent tendencies.  Nothing in the human condition is alien to any of us.  Look within and see how you’re attracting violence into your personal lives. The microcosm reflects the macrocosm. Tis the law of attraction in action.

The Universe  is a giant bio-feedback system.  Remember that always. Thoughts are deeds. What you focus on you create.

The answer is nullity and stop participating in violence.  We have only six degrees of separation from all beings, all individuals on this planet. On some level we’re all related. We know each other physically and spiritually. Time to start acting from our knowing and treat each other better, from the top of the pyramid to the masses supporting it and holding it up.

The time is now to reach those violent parts of yourself that reflect to the world and find our hearts and open them, one by one, as if our lives depended on it (for they do). For if we do not stay this course of endless violence, soon there will be no one left to fight for and nothing left to fight over.  Our situation is that serious, that dire and we are all walking through this world with blinders on.

Religions were designed to connect us with GodSource. But somewhere along the line human beings pretending to be Source hijacked our reality. Only love is God and God is love and God does not reward those who kill for any reason. That’s the litmus. If your religion justifies violence, hatred, racism, prejudice, persecution, sexism and/or war, well then hate to tell you this but your religion is false.  It’s full of lies for GodSource loves all equally.  Lies are unsustainable.  They fall apart under scrutiny. Time to take a deep look at all the lies.

Throw out the bad parts of your religions and keep the loving parts. It’s super simple. The rest is dogma designed by the gods who warred with one another and duped us into playing their war games because they have greater technology than we do.

But we’re not stupid anymore. We’re awake and aware and love the Creator of All, love GodSource and Universal, Unconditional, Unlimited love. But remember always, love does not kill, hurt, harm or attempt to manipulate and control.

You are responsible in the end and thus can conform and take personal responsibility for all that happens in your life. Take those parts of your faith, your beliefs that show love to your fellow man and woman.  Burn the rest. March away from that false belief system and embrace love, that divine force that serves all of humanity to its highest good, not just part that profits at the sacrifices of others.

None of us are truly free till we’re all free. Set us all free from this negative paradigm that hurts us all by doing your part.  Begin with self.  Find love within and promote it in your world every day in every way.  Get behind love, back it and continually replace negativity or fear with love and soon love awakens all the world, every being and we at last are free, all of us and begin the golden era of peace for all time.

Peace is so easy, so doable.  Peace on Earth and Space begins with you.  Let peace rule this planet by choosing peace in each moment every day in every way.

Michael Jackson – They Don’t Care About Us

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