Self Service vs Service to Others

Published October 23, 2012 | By admin

The balance between self-service and service to others shows maturity and spiritual evolution in individuals. It would be lovely if the whole planet was balanced for we’d be a much more highly advanced and evolved society and death, dying, disease and war would most likely be a thing of the past.  However, it appears human society, as other societies in the cosmos have done, is devolving, not evolving, and may just extinct itself if it doesn’t correct its course.

We’ve witnessed individual tribes, societies, cultures, races, species eliminated or absorbed, conquered, dominated and destroyed throughout our history and even more so as our human numbers increase.  As I write this article there are 7 billion humans embodied.  More are born each day than die, so our numbers increase while our quality of life decreases.   As our life quality decreases, we are no longer a desirable place for souls to incarnate.  The Greys, the Anunnaki both nearly extinct themselves.  While their technology increased, their greed and lack of compassion and empathy supersede any spiritual evolution they needed in order to remain balanced.

The only way the Anunnaki could survive was to create an illegal species (us, human beings) and interbreed with us.  There  are probably less than 10,000 pure Anunnaki alive. The numbers are probably closer to 1000.  We know the Greys are in trouble and have been abducting humans for years creating hybrid children, which many human parents have been shown

Greed is unsustainable.  It’s the oriboris, the snake who’s consuming it’s own tail.  Like bacteria in a petri dish, we are breeding out of control and soon we will consume it all.  Unconscious breeding creates chaos and numbers too great devalue individuals.  We, as a species and global society, need to stop this insanity or go the way of the dinosaurs. And they may have simply devolved, and are the Reptilians all the way down the chain in size and intelligence to beings like geckos and lizards.

Geckos are cannibalistic.  I’ve seen them chase the young and swallow them in one gulp, captured by lashing tongues and swept into their mouths all the way down their throats.  It’s pretty disgusting. But that symbolizes what pure greed and total lack of empathy and compassion look like. And that’s what’s happening with the money created system that has created politicians, CEO’s and all their lackeys all the way down the chain.  Local politicians and their minions, concerned with their petty jobs and benefits at the expense of others are as bad as the Illuminati assholes at the top.

Yes, they are.  You heard me.  If you are not feeling, empathizing, listening, understanding, walking in the shoes of your brothers and sisters, being of service to others, then you’re as bad as the kings, queens, presidents, CEOs and Presidents that you complain about.  The microcosm reflects the macrocosm.  All throughout the continuum there are greedy assholes.  And they’re killing individuals, killing societies and worlds, killing us, our families, friends, our planet, our world.. top to bottom, air to earth to water.  All are dying because of GREED, HIERARCHY and the system of MONEY.

So what can we do?

Get rid of money for one thing.  Make every hour equal to one dollar and no matter what job you do, every hour you work you make 1 dollar.  Plain and simple. And the dollar is equal to every other dollar around the planet.

I know.. there are thousands of questions this raises.  And I haven’t figured it all out.. YET. But we’ll get there.

Secondly, stop breeding.  Declare a 5-year moratorium on births. Enough already.  We need to breed consciously, conceive and raise children.. consciously.  We can’t feed the people we have. Stop breeding for a whille, like 5 years, and do evaluations on land, money, resources, technology, distribution systems and infrastructures, and other factors I can’t think of just now (you can help me think of them) and determine the best population for each area then we’ll get the number for the best population for the Earth.

If  we want to increase our numbers, we need to improve many factors to give each soul who decides to incarnate here on Earth the BEST QUALITY  OF LIFE POSSIBLE.

Now, when we do that, when we make it nice for everyone alive and everyone who decides to be born here, we become a CIVILIZED, CONSCIOUS CIVILIZATION.  We evolve, not devolve.  It feels good, nice to be alive.  It’s more fun, kind, loving.

Otherwise, it’s BARBARIC!  Our society is barbaric right now.  People are dying, left and right, unnecessarily.  Pollution and unhealthy foods and products created through greed, power, manipulation and control, are kiling us, not making life fun. So knock it off already. Geeze!  STOP THIS INSANITY and make the days we dance on Earth full of fun, beauty and love.

Gotta run. Thanks for tuning in.