Nowhere to Run ~ A Dream June 16, 2013

Published June 16, 2013 | By admin

I dreamed the waters were rising. I was in a city and soon the waters were ankle deep. Word came through the human grapevine that we were being evacuated, moved to higher grounds.  I was with Sasha, my husband and we found my first husband, Lanny.  Sasha supported our reunion, which was brief but long enough for us to share hugs and tears. When I hugged Lanny, all the good memories came rushing back. All the bad scars were gone.

We did a full body hug, directed by Sasha where Lanny and I lay on the ground on our sides, aligned all our chakras. Tears flowed freely from both of us. Suddenly I was 15 again, literally transported back to 1969. Lanny had just graduated high school that spring. It was summer, magic in the air and we were on my best friend, Bootsie’s porch having an all-girl summer sleep out when Lanny came by and we connected.

I had loved him since I was 12 years old and fantasized from the moment I met him that someday we’d be together. But now, in that back there then, it was now the right time for love and we made love for the first time on a beautiful summer night under a bright starlit sky. We remained together for the next 13 years, although from there on, not every night was magical. In fact, quite the reverse.

But we were forgiving one another, fully, completely. We each owned our part in the relationship, fully, and knew it was a dance created by both.

When we stopped hugging I was back in that reality, on a world with waters rapidly rising. I shared what had happened, thinking it was something only I had experienced. I was surprised when Lanny said that he too had been transported back in time to our first sexual encounter. Our first night together was July 20, 1969, the night man first walked on the moon. He said he’d never forgotten that day, the first night we made love, for he had been a virgin. One never forgets how they lose their virginity. And while we’ve been divorced for over 30 years, now, I have forever remained in his heart, permanently engraved on his soul.

I looked up and saw Sasha smiling, obviously blissed out in compersion (empathy) for the joy that Lanny and I were experiencing healing and forgiving, remembering one of the highest times in our lives. Sasha’s a very enlightened being, free of jealousy and envy, a model of unconditional love for everyone.

We were being moved again, ordered about by unseen hands, broadcast through invisible speakers. Who’s directing this movie?  As the crowds started to move, I was swept away by the masses, separated from both Sasha and Lanny.  I panicked, knowing I could never find him in all these people and also aware that our separation had been orchestrated on purpose.  I was angry.

The waters kept rising and soon I was running across a tundra high in the mountains heading towards even higher ground miles in the distance.  I was tireless, like a super woman, running over giant flat-topped rocks mixed with acres of short grasses. I was as sure footed as a mountain goat.

Once again we were in a holding area, massed together like animals. People were sitting around everywhere, bored, restless, just waiting, waiting.

I was angry, frustrated, aware on some level this was all being orchestrated.  I don’t like being played, manipulated. There was a woman behind a large wooden counter in front of an antique cash register.  On the side of the counter was a large cart with bags of cookies thrown in a pile like DVD’s in the discount bin at Walmart.

I fished out a bag of Oreos. It was open with two cookies missing but I figured it was the end of the world as we know it, so how could I be choosy?  I walked over to the cashier and asked “May I purchase these cookies?” And she said yes. I asked how much. She said, “$3.15″.

Amazingly I still had my purse and a cloth grocery bag at my side. I reached into my purse and had plenty of money. Removed 3 $1 bills and handed them to her. I sorted through a mass of change and had exactly 15 cents. I ate two cookies because I wasn’t really hungry yet I hadn’t eaten for days, and put the rest away in my grocery bag for later.

We were once again led (kinda pushed by the masses) to another holding area where we could see these trolley typed cable transporters which were transporting us even higher up the mountains, snow-capped peaks we could see across a giant valley.  There were large animals strapped upside down, belly up being used as the bottoms of these cars and people were being asked to ride on their chests and bellies.

Everyone protested, but few were loaded at a time and the animals, upside down and wide eyed, didn’t seem to feel any pain from this process, but weren’t particularly happy being tied upside down with their feet bound in the air being used as handles for humans to hang on. I wondered where they eliminated. But all that seemed to remain on hold while this mass exodus was in process.

There were endless rooms at this station, each piled with people sitting on the floors with rows were people could walk, snaking from room to room.  I started walking and realized I could find Sasha somehow, felt he was there somewhere.

I went to the first room and yelled, “Is Sasha Lessin here?” and soon everyone got what I was doing, picked up my call and began yelling, “Is Sasha Lessin here?”  They realized, somehow telepathically, that if they helped me find my lost husband, that we could, one by one, find everyone we loved. Each of us had been separated  from friends and family.

It was working.  As soon as I realized I had found a way to free all of us from this illusion, I awoke in my bed here at home and it was day.  Birds chirped in the jungles around me and my cat, Furball lay sleeping at my side.

I knew I was dreaming and in an orchestrated scenario when I was in the world that was flooding.  I became lucid and realized I needn’t be a victim and could take action to resolve the huge, global problem, not only for myself but for all who were there who were in the same boat.  Once all were reunited then the illusion fell. We knew that.  Dream/game over.

This world is an illusion as well, albeit a very realistic and effective one. It’s consistent, persistent and dominates our consciousness. Yet there’s a way to dissolve this good/evil paradigm which is so hurtful and harmful to so many.  And I will find it.  I’m almost there.  The illusion will dissolve revealing the higher level of the game, the Federation Level of awareness.

And I refuse to believe that level too is so full of war.  War is the action of primitives and advanced societies more than likely are spiritually advanced as well, more sophisticated than this world, which like the flood world, is being manipulated. We’re being played, like sheep and cattle, moved and collected like lambs being led to slaughter.

Yet, we are conscious, eternal souls, smart enough to find our way out. And we will.