In the Beginning – November 25, 2011

Published November 25, 2011 | By admin

Life’s strange, to say the least.  I started on this particular journey as Janet February 6, 1954.  I zoomed into this world at 9:20 PM in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  They tell me it was a difficult birth.  Forceps were used plus my mother was drugged to ease her pain.

Mother never let me forget how painful my birth was to her. Every day her pregnancy carrying me was such a drag.  That energy affected me horribly. That story tore into my soul, made me feel guilty for being such a burden.  I paid for those stories drilled into my being many days of my life.

And yet, there was perfection in the tale. For behind every cloud is a silver lining. I learned to overcome this (and many other things far more horrendous) and come out the other side. These “issues”, stories, dramas, propelled my soul to do more, better. I made a decision to become more than I believed I could be imprinted by my limiting programming. I didn’t need to fit into the box others tried to create for me. If so, I would have imprisoned my soul.

There is inside of me an inner strength that would not allow me to tolerate any of it.  I rebelled.  I learned to recognize truth, lies, hypocrisy.  I vowed to heal, learn, grow, evolve, break out of my programming, free myself, free others, free humanity.

I embark on this path, daily, weekly, years, years go by.  Here we are.

I had a blog before. It was under Yahoo’s 360 degrees system and they removed it. I think I managed to print some of it. But no matter, I start again.  Each day, begin again.

Such is the nature of human life. We build, create and it is destroyed. But as long as we breathe, our heart’s beat, we wake up to a new day, we can begin anew.

For such is the human spirit.

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