Bridge Between Worlds

Published October 25, 2012 | By admin

Last night I dreamed and finally established a bridge to my paslives, higher self and interdimensional being.  I was at a party with my husband, Enki, who I was confusing with Sasha, my current husband in this life.  I was Ninmah, he is/was Enki and at this party he was flirting with two women, both older with graying hair and he took them off and fucked them.

I was furious, cursed him that he would be infertile and impotent.  My curse did not work at first, so it seems.  I said that was not part of our deal, that we could have lovers but we approved them with each other first, ran things by each other and had veto power.  Enki had sneaked off, two times with two women in one night at this party, so he was in violation of the terms of our relationship agreement, so I told him we were divorced.

I left the home, at first, then returned to take back MY CASTLE and he then left but started to do cruel things making sure to flaunt all in my face.  He was totally vindictive, shameless, had no remorse but in fact was spiteful, revengeful when it was he who created all of this with his infidelity, lying, cheating then when caught, not even being the slightest bit remorseful or apologetic.

As I slept I, Janet, felt huge anger.  My back hurt, my spine inflamed.  My kundalini was attempting to rise and felt stuck on my spine right behind my heart.

About that time a bug bit me in the back on the lower, right shoulder. I felt an urge to itch and it was in a place I could not reach. I felt frustrated and returned to my dream, not letting the distractions of this world disturbe this download from my other selves.

I found myself back in the center of the Earth facing the mighty dragon that lives there.  I stood before her, inhabiating a much taller version of me.  The dragon still towered above me. But we faced each other in true form.  I was me, how tall I could not quite fathom. But I think this variation of me is more likely to be about 30 feet tall.  As I write this I realize I have many versions of myself and that perhaps, depending on the situation, I can change my height at will..  For theres are versions of me that are 12, 8 and 6 feet tall.  I am only 5 foot 2 inclhes tall as Janet Kira.  The being that faced the dragon was probably my Kira Self.

I told the Dragon of Janet Kira’s plight with Zoning, and she immediately teleported herself out into space. Our govenment belives they have her captive since they think in terms of this physical reality.  But the dragon simply thinks herself where she wishes to go.

I followed her, was flying as easily as she and I lacked wings.  I flew astrally with the will of pure mind.  We flew down to the courthouse and contemplated which timeline to enact. In one we blew apart the country buildings.  I expressed concern that we get the innocent out first, not just blow up the building and randomly kill all inside.

We entered the realm of magic bringing it down into physical reality.

The dragon blew up everything with her dragon breath alone.

If they kil me the world will blow up as I am the one that created this all and I will take it with me if I am killed. That is the safetly mechanism we put in place when we sent me into physical birth.  I am more powerfull  dead than alive.  We need to figure this out in this realm and soon magic will be real, as real as other laws of physics, scoence and religion are viable and need to be considered when contstucing realities (operating systems).

My dream connected my memories together into one thread of consciousness.  All parts are as “real” as each other.  In existence there is no separation and categorization into reality and fantasy for all thought is equal, viable, possible.  Depending on where you desire to be in the continuum, from lowest density in physical form to highest vibration as pure energy, you manifest at different rateas, levels and styles.

We decided to send the opposing attorney and judge to the Phantom Zone for a 1000 years.  They would be imprisoned in their own spheres, separate from one another, left only with their own thoughts.  I’ve been there, got that T-shirt, so fully know what being alone with one’s own thoughts for an extended period can do for the soul.  It’s a good thing.