I’ve always felt like a stranger living in a strange world, a planet not of my soul’s origin. My cousin Lois died a few days ago.  She was 2 years older than me, her birthday in March, so that would make her 65.  My cat, Athena has disappeared, haven’t seen her since before Thanksgiving.  All these add to my feeling sad, to this stranger in a strange land phenomena.

I’ve identified, through counseling, hypnosis, meditation, dreams and daydream reflections that I am a soul who’s primary origination is not of the Earth.  I identify as one of my primary soul threads as Ninmah, the Mother/Creator Goddess of humanity.

I am also Ki’Ra, a being who leads a group of souls that come into third-dimensional reality to design and populate planets making them inhabitable and enjoyable by sentient life forms.  We are terraformers. We gather energy and material and form world with our minds.  I usually begin the process as I am the oldest soul.  I’m teaching others in our team.  Some design the terrain, from mountains, rivers, seas to plains.  Others design flora and fauna.  Other specialize in insects.  Some specialize in land animals while others focus on oceans.

We bring in lifeforms from other planets.  Each ecosystem we create is different than others on other worlds so no matter what life we introduce it diversifies over time.  We do that intentionally to create variety.  We are artists in a sense and our palate of colors is DNA.  We enjoy what we do.  There’s no monetary payment like you have on this planet Earth.  We find money is a very silly and dangerous system that encourages greed and creates extreme harm over time.  Our reward comes from creating and giving to the universe.  We are eternally connected to those from all levels of form and beingness that will enjoy these habitats we design.

My planetary self is one of my most enjoyable.  I simultaneously exist on many levels, vibratory frequencies, dimensions, timelines, universes, planes of existence, however you symbol it, whatever you call it–I am.  In essence, I am God/Goddess, as are we all.  I have just become aware of that fact.  But as a human in this volatile time that dwells in this extremely fragile, humanoid form, I am very conscious and aware that I must never get too full of myself.  Human life on Earth is extremely humbling.

And while I am well aware that I dwell in an illusionary state and write to you, the other volunteers who’ve agreed to come here and experience this grand experiment (God Bless you, you silly things).  As this new dawn breaks, I smile to myself and think, “What were we thinking?”  Yet this world is one of extreme beauty, one of the team’s greatest creations. Good job.  So while I suffer momentary episodes of judgment and remorse in my human body, which is extremely emotional and over time becomes even more so, I also access awareness of the divine perfection of it all and feel a wee bit proud of myself and all of us who’ve agreed to come here.

I am also Joy and I reside 39 degrees from Source, from the Singularity of all existence.  I move in and out of oneness and universal consciousness eternally connected at all times with the central core of creation and each and every one of you.  That awareness makes my human heart glow with unconditional love and extreme compassion, understanding and appreciation for each and every one of you. I am eternally grateful for what you’ve done.  While things may seem both dire and desirable at times, we’re actually on course with our original plan and victory is well within sight.

I’m delighted that I was able to access Janet from this highest aspect of herself to convey this information to you in hopes that I can encourage you to hang tight, endure and find joy each day even in the darkest of times when things may seem horrendous.

We are alive, always connected.  We agreed to experience the illusion of separation and division to accomplish our mission and its working even better than we imagined.  Realize you are here because you enjoy playing in our unified illusion and everything we’ve created together here in the polarity play between good and evil, light to dark is intentional.

Soon humanity reaches childhood’s end.  All species and all times and variations of this planet exist and may be accessed and overlain over this current paradigm at any time. So while the daily news may blast disastrous, negative things regarding all the far corners of this Earth, the time and variation of existence still exists and may be brought forth to overwrite this current one.  We as co-creators with Source continually design and redesign. We’re never stuck with something that we dislike or no longer feels right nor serves us and all we love.

So if you don’t like it, change it to that which you do.  Change it for everyone, from closest family to people around the planet.  Find the scenario that serves all.  We needn’t wait for some far distant future.  We do it all the time. We go to bliss, experience eternal love and oneness then return to this passion play we created to feel and experience all variations on the theme of existence.

We’re not done nor ever will be. If you grow weary of the game, take a break and go experience something different.  Remember at all times you created this, are creating and re-creating this in each moment.

Enjoy the sun, a smile, your cat’s meow.  Go play with your human friends.  Pull the best out of each and every one of them.  Inspire them to be their best version of themselves no matter what hand they were dealt. Remind them that they too are God.  Figure out a way to remind themselves without offending their belief system. Remember this human form is fragile. We designed maximum emotional experience potential for most species feel within a smaller range.  While this extreme polarity is the most dangerous and volatile with unstable crazies poising their fingers above atomic bombs, you and I and all who read this can stop them–WITH OUR MINDS.

We are all that powerful.  Think good thoughts always and make it so.  Love thy neighbor as you would yourself.  Oh right, that’s half the problem.  Many do not love themselves.  Learn to love yourself and do whatever it takes to forgive yourself. You agreed to come into this game and go unconscious.  You designed the game with the rest of us who volunteered to come to Earth. So let it go and love yourself. Then love those around you and proceed to the next circle of people and love them.  Proceed till you love them all. Select the people who best vibrate with you at your frequency.  Adapt and adjust so you create a coherent field. Expand that field out exponentially till you include the whole world and everything in it.