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Written by Kira Ninmah

I dreamed (on 01/27/17) that I woke up and saw a being standing on the left hand side of my bed about 3 feet back in a glass doorway type configuration.  The being was owl shaped with beady eyes and an owl face.  He had a beak where humans have their noses.  He started at me, looking intensely.  I said, “Oh!  Hello and he didn’t respond, just kept on staring as though he couldn’t hear me.

I got out of bed and went up to him and realized when I got over to him that he wasn’t really in my room but he was in another dimension staring at me through what looked like glass in a rectangular shape with a wood doorway (or something that resembled wood).  I’m not sure what alien beings use in their construction.

He had wings which he held straight down at his side.  His feet resembled claws.  I said to myself as I began to analyze what was happening in that moment while it was unfolding that he looks like one of Inanna’s owls. But he reeked of intelligence.  While he didn’t seem to notice me moving around and he wasn’t in any obvious telepathic communication with me, I could feel he was sentient and intelligent and was looking at me with higher consciousness and not that of an animal.

Suddenly he shifted and appeared with his arms raised above his head as he stood on one foot with the other foot extended and bent downward at his knee.  He still had his wings but the arms had been neatly tucked under his wings which extended down over his feet which actually were feet not claws.  Had they changed from claws to feet or did I fill in the gaps mentally since the being had wings and looked like an owl and I assumed he had feet like Inanna’s owls and automatically gave him claws for feet. Or had he morphed his claws into feet?  I wasn’t sure so I let that thought go and moved on to the next.

As I stared at him directly in his face I realized he could not see that I was no longer in bed so I realized I must be out of my body in astral form while my body remained sleeping as he seemed to stare right through me to something beyond me.  Before I could turn around behind me to see if I actually was still sleeping in bed, my eyes popped open and I was back in my body asleep but observing the dream and already involved in a deep analysis of the “dream”.

He shifted his legs and arms again into another configuration on one leg, but this time the other leg.  But I could detect no movement only that one moment he stood on one leg with arms extended in one fashion and the next second he was in a different pose.  I continued to look at him but he looked right through me to something behind me which I assume was my sleeping form lying in my bed.

I thought we might exist and operate in different speeds as his body shifts were instantaneous and his movements were invisible to me while in his reality he may actually be moving.  I’ve seen a lot of sci-fi, especially Star Trek and these type of explanations rushed back to mind as I searched my memory banks for the episodes that dealt with time travel and inter-dimensional vibratory variances.  But I soon left those thoughts for others as I was still in the lucid dream and needed to remain focused on what was to happen next.  Although I realize as I write this in my iPad journal that I’m quite good at multi-tasking and this process I created to assist me in not only remembering what happened but pulling out greater detail through writing is working out quite well.

Was I really dreaming or was I somewhere else where they recreated my bedroom or at least my bed?  Or did they teleport me and my bed to this new location?  I realized I was facing left which in my home has a stairway, not a solid wall with a full sized chronovisor type mechanism which allowed the owl being to stare at me while I slept.

So I concluded that maybe they had simply moved my bed to their world or they replaced my wall with theirs.  Confused? So am I.  But no time for confusion as now I’m fully awake in my “dream” and wonder if I should get up out of my warm bed, grab my dream journal or my iPad and document this event for further analysis when I “wake up fully” and get my husband for our daily dream analysis and download check in.

Finally the cat makes noises as she’s been in the house and is desperate to get outside.  I try to ignore her till I realize I have to pee so bad I must force myself out into the chill of the night or wet the bed. So I get up, let the cat out (she seems grateful), relieve myself and come back and grab the iPad which proves most effective as typing is faster than writing for the most part.

There was even a second alien encounter but that one has totally faded from my conscious mind.  But the night was a full one with alien encounters.  I wonder what they wanted.  I know these were encounters not dreams for encounters have a different energy signature. I’m getting so good at this after years of episodes and analysis afterwards that when I wake up from a dream to go to the bathroom or turn over or do something like that on the human level in my awakened state in my own home, I immediately say to myself, “Oh, that was a dream,” or “That’s more than a dream. I must analyze it later with Sasha when I finally fully wake up and stop sleeping.”

The sleeping state of life has become extremely pleasant and exciting. Every night I travel somewhere.  I go out of body and no longer have to think about the going and coming back process.  I find myself in my other life, in other worlds, on board ship actively interacting with my life there with as much ease as I navigate through this world and this lifetime.

The whole procedure makes me wonder about the true meaning of life and existence.  I easily travel through dimensions to my other simultaneous existences in other dimensions, worlds and vehicles in space and know I’m an eternal being living beyond the concept of linear time.  And if I am eternal, so must we all be the same for I am just like you, like anyone else and yet I am different for something has awakened me from the endless dreams within dreams to the realization that existence is indeed HUGE, complicated and eternal and we must coordinate these episodes that others and myself experience to assemble the puzzle and free all of us from this perverted, contorted worldview of reality that imprisons us and creates such stress and harm to our psyches and souls.

As dawn breaks and I return to my human body (which I actually probably never left and only traveled with my mind and my spirit form), I feel somewhat emancipated as though I have just freed myself from the perversion of this concept of reality which has been imposed on me by religions and the educational systems that were created by the generations before me.

I hope to free humanity from these perverted ideologies for they indeed create an artificial prison of the mind and create stresses and body killing chemical reactions to these fabricated stressors which shorten our life expectancies.Grey AlienschronovisorGrey aliensInannaowls